Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Chaos

One of the hardest parts about being a working mum is the chaos that comes every morning.  My kids are great sleepers (thank god) but with that blessing comes the fact that they also don't like to get out of bed in the morning. 

My alarm goes off at 6:45am - right around the time that hubby has to go out the door to work - and I usually contemplate hitting snooze and then figure the extra ten minutes of sleep is not worth the panic that will I drag myself out of bed and get dressed.

then...I attempt to wake up my kids.

Quick aside: why is it that I have to wake them up every weekday morning but on the weekends I usually open my eyes to find one or both of them staring at me from 2 inches away at 6:30am?  Hey Murphy...your law sucks.

Okay - back to the wake up routine:

Step 1 - open their door and hope the noise and light from the house will wake them up so I don't have to.  This never works. they don't move unless it's to purposely turn their back to me.  Like this:

They are going to be trouble when they are teenagers.

Step 2 - Enter room saying "Wakey Wakey" in a sugary sweet sing song voice that even bugs me.  Is that voice something all mothers inherit?  it's annoying.  Anyways...the response to my Wakey Wakey is either silence or a groan.  The groan is a good sign.  I am making progress.

Step 3 - Open the blinds, turn on the lights and start using a more forceful voice. (oldest calls it my mean mummy voice).  After a few minutes of this they will finally get out of bed and come over for some morning cuddles...

Oh how I love little sleepy faces like this...
 Ahhhhh...morning cuddles.  Is there anything better?  All of the chaos of the morning is truly worth it for these gems. With sleepy faces and tousled hair - blankies trailing behind them - they both curl up in my lap and we talk about their dreams and the day ahead and share a few butterfly kisses.  Inevitably time runs out on us and it's back to the morning routine.  After one last cuddle...

Step 4 - The clothing war is next.  Littlest usually wants to wear a sleeveless dress in the dead of winter and a turtleneck on the hottest day.  Or she wants to wear something that's dirty.  Oldest wants to wear something that really doesn't match or is too small.  We fight. I win. They cry.  It's 7:10am.

Step 5 - the torture of hair brushing is next.  My girls have lovely, fine blond hair that is always full of knots. As careful as I am it hurts...and I get it.  I was once just like them and cried when my mum brushed my hair.  I tell them it is a right of passage for all girls. I can't imagine why - at ages 3 and 6 - they don't find comfort in that. Kids...

Step 6 - Time to get our shoes and jackets on.  We are so close to getting out the door I can taste it.  And now the clock is ticking and we need to go. Shoes should be easy - pick the shoes and put them on.  But they can't find the other shoe (it's always under the first one in the shoe basket) or they don't want those shoes they want THOSE shoes.  Or they want snow boots in summer or flip flops in winter.  We fight. I win. They cry.  It's 7:25am.

Out the door - finally - I drop oldest off at before school care and then youngest at daycare. And finally I head to work to start my day.

Wait a second...did I just say START my day?  Oh boy...

I need a cup of tea and a good quote to get me through the rest of the day.  This oughta do it:

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  1. Almost exactly MY morning routine. How we manage to maintain our fabulosity at work all day after the happy chaos of our mornings is a mystery to me!