Friday, May 4, 2012

The Crafty Gene

I am not a crafty person. There...I said it.  Feels good to get that off my chest.  The problem is that I really WANT to be crafty.  I want to be the kind of mum that can sit down with my kids and create something amazing...more amazing that PlayDoh snakes...

Pinterest has only served to make me even more aware of my shortcomings in the crafty area.  There are some seriously amazingly talented people out's really annoying.

Finally...tonight...I found this.  A craft idea that I LOVE and it maybe simple enough for me to achieve:

How amazing does that look?  I think it would be a fantastic addition to my girls room (in different colours of course).

Click here for directions..

The steps are pretty simple but it will be finding the right patterns that will be difficult.  But I am up for the challenge.  I am making a promise right now to have my alphabet wall completed by the time my daughter goes back to school.

3 and half months oughta be enough time for me to figure this out...right?


  1. I love this idea!! You can totally pull it off before September and remember I can come by labour day weekend and we can finish them off. ;)

  2. Me too...I can help, or is this something you want to accomplish completely on your own? P.S. Michaels has some great patterned papers!