Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Photo Friday - So Tiny...

Blogs are about writing but sometimes you just need a little photo break.  After all they do say a photo is worth a 1000 words so this is actually my longest post yet!

I plan to make a concerted effort to add more photos to my posts but for now I thought I would start a little Writing Down the Bones tradition with Flashback Photo Friday.

Simple concept -  I pick a photo from the past (anywhere from 35 years ago to last week) and post it with a story.  Photo #1:

2006 - Little M in the NICU under my hand

This is a photo of our firstborn at about 1 week old. Obviously she was a preemie and her birth story is one I will tell eventually. She arrived 7 weeks early and weighed in at 3lbs 9oz - which in NICU terms is actually pretty big. After 17 days we brought her home and started our life as a family of 3.


  1. A very, very special and worrisome time! How time has flown!

  2. I just found you after seeing a comment of yours on Kelle Hampton's blog... I am a (sorta) Vancouver mama, too! We actually just moved to Mission... slow pace, lots of walking paths. Our youngest was in NICU for 4 weeks, has Down syndrome, and is the light of our lives. Wanted to say hi!