Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girls Road Trip (Quotable Bits #3)

“Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.”
~ William Shakespeare

This past weekend was one of those ‘other side of the fence’ ones that I mentioned recently.  And boy did it live up to expectations.

I like to try to get away with girlfriends a few times throughout the year and this weekend was the first such adventure of the year.  I was headed up to Whistler with my cousins who are really more like my sisters. We planned to drive up after work on Friday, stay 2 nights and be home by mid-afternoon on Sunday. I tweeted as we left the city that I expected our adventure would be 80% relaxation and 20% debauchery.  My travel companions felt that was a little out of balance. So after much discussion we ended up with a 70/30 split.

Love these girls.
May weather in Vancouver is always changing.  Rain, sun, wind, clouds – you name it and we get it.  The only guarantee is that it will rain on the Victoria Day long weekend.  Luckily for us the weather forecast for our girls weekend away was for sun…and lots of it.

We made it onto the Sea to Sky highway around 7:30 and started the magnificent drive up to Whistler.  I love this drive…the vistas are amazing…it’s the only reminder you need about why we live here.  The drive was uneventful…all of us were in dire need of a getaway.  It had been an incredibly busy and stressful week for everyone and so the ride was on the quiet side.  Unusual for the 3 of us…

That all changed when we arrived at the hotel and attempted to get into the underground parking.  We swiped our card and started to enter and as we did the gate started to come down and…in her panic…C (who was driving) hit the brakes and the horn at the same time.  Now…there is no way I can write this and convey to you just how gut-busting, snorting laugh inducing this moment was.  But we were all in hysterics.  I couldn’t breathe (and I was the one snorting) as I wondered why on earth she hit the horn! 

Seriously…it was awesome…and suddenly we were out of our funk and on vacation. 

We struggled to get all our luggage up to the room – juggling bags and pillows and food and drink.  We got in the room and settled and spent a quiet night watching trashy TV, eating cheese bread for dinner, and enjoying each others company.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny…and we decided to stroll through the village and find a patio table for a late brunch. As we strolled I became aware of the number of kids that were running around.  It made me miss my girls…a dull ache started in my stomach as if my body knew something was missing.

“No way” I thought…this is crazy.  I have only been away from them for about 16 hours…way too early to miss them.  I pushed the thought aside determined to enjoy my freedom…enjoy my girls weekend away.  But the truth is that ache never fully went away…

We found our perfect table with enough sun for J&C and enough shade for me and my pale English skin.  Breakfast was amazing…and people watching in the village was even better. 

The peak of the mountain was still open so there were skiers and snowboarders walking by in their snow gear in the 25 degree weather.  The mountain bike park had opened as well which meant there were plenty of mud covered bikers walking by as well.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped for a few essentials - milk for tea, Gatorade to help ease the next morning’s inevitable hangovers and new bottles of nail polish.  And then it was time to hit the pool.

We secured 3 loungers in the sun and spent the next 2 hours doing nothing. And let me tell you…for me…it was equal parts amazing and annoying.  Amazing because I rarely get to do nothing and annoying because I was pretty sure there was something else I should be doing.  My two sides were at war.

J & C slipped into relaxation mode so easily. Lying back on their loungers…plugging into their iPods… tapping their toes…content to just soak up the sun. I wanted to be them. I kept thinking to myself…this is why you came here…to recharge…to slowdown…to breathe.

So I compromised. I sunned myself and read my magazine and ate some grapes.  And when I found it impossible to do nothing for much longer…I went for a swim.

I know…rough life.

View from my lounge chair.  Not too shabby...
As the pool area started to get more and more crowded with the after lunch family crowd we decided it was time to go.  We also realized that we had been laying out in some serious sun for a while and our bodies were going to show the results of that. 

C’s face, neck and chest were the colour of a lovely ripe tomato.  And my legs and back were equally vegetable like.  J – on the other hand – had simply gotten more bronzed.  How incredibly rude of her.

After a trip to the drugstore for some aloe vera gel it was time to start getting ready for girls night out.  Relaxation had been fun but we were ready to party.

Before the drinks started to flow I called my kids.  Can I just say how much I love FaceTime?  I love that I can actually see hubby and kids now instead of just hearing their voices.  I love that my youngest thinks she has to get so close to the camera I can only see her nostrils.  Technology is amazing.

Phone call to home complete…the time had come to get gussied up. There was only one bathroom in our room so some strategy was needed to make sure we all had equal access. Drinks were poured, nails were painted, hair was curled…and after several hours we were ready to go.

No shot glasses?  No problem...
Look out world...
Off to Buffalo Bill’s – a popular Whistler club – where we danced and drank our way through the next several hours. We met lots of interesting people including one guy that said he was in the middle of a job interview. Hmmm…to each their own I guess.

Around 2:30 we headed out into the cool night and ran into a future groom wearing a t-shirt that was covered in “advice” for a happy marriage.  Actually his whole body was covered in advice (and obscene words & phrases) written in blue sharpie.

He asked us to contribute. I told him I had been married for almost 13 years and I was going to write one word: communication.

Good luck buddy…

Sunday morning came all too quickly and it was time to head home with just a quick pit stop in Squamish for some post-hangover brunch.  Eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, poutine and Caesers were all on the table…yum.

I felt sad to be heading for home…having had such a wonderful time with my friends.  But I was excited about seeing my littles.  There really is no better feeling than that moment where your kids spot you from across a room and come running.  Faces lit up in joy screaming “Mummy!” Pure awesomeness.

It doesn't get any better than this.
And just like that it was back to reality. Back to swimming lessons and time outs.  Back to wiping runny noses and bums.  Back to mummy duty.  But that was a-okay with me. 

I had let my alter ego out to party the night before and I was ready to slip back into a more familiar role.  I was ready to sit with my girls in my lap…smelling their freshly washed hair and reading “Bunny Cakes”. Hearing them laugh when I say that I would pick the Earthworm cake with caterpillar icing that Max made over Ruby’s bee-you-tiful Angel cake with Raspberry Fluff Frosting. Because I like that they laugh and make faces when I do.  It’s familiar and comforting.

Because it’s always good to come home. 

To celebrate happy days and happy nights…no matter what alter ego is running the show.


  1. Sounds like perfection! I loved your marriage tip, and there's definitely nothing like your babies jumping into your arms after some time away. Great post :)

  2. One of my most favourite Shakespeare quotes!

    and one of my very best memories in life involves that mountain, lots of whiskey dancing, and a mountie rescuing me from out of the dark. it's a great story.

    I could so use a girls nite out too.