Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day Love

Yesterday was my 7th Mother’s Day and it may have been the best one yet.  There is a misconception – in my humble opinion – that what most Mother’s want on their special day is to do nothing.  That is only partly correct.

True we shouldn’t have to cook or clean or grocery shop…but that’s just good common sense.  What I want on my day is to be re-assured that my efforts as a mum are appreciated.  To feel that – even though I may use my mean Mummy voice more often than I should – that’s not what my kids remember.  They remember the times I have wiped their tears, kissed their owies and told them I love them. 

They think of cuddling on my lap and reading books, baking cupcakes and eating one when we weren’t supposed too. If your kids think of good things first…you have done your job as a parent. Chalk up one victory for the parental side…

My 2012 Mother’s Day started on Friday afternoon at youngest daughter’s daycare:

She is the youngest child on the ‘3-5 side’ having just turned 3 and it turned out that she was slightly intimidated by the entire production. When I arrived at daycare and saw her little face I could see her concern immediately.  She wasn’t her usual bubbly self…and she ran straight for me screaming “mummy, mummy…you’re here!” then threw herself in my arms and buried her head in my shoulder.  Not typical behavior from my little T.

Turned out…she had stage fright.  All of the kids were going to sing us a song “happy Mother’s Day to you” (guess the tune) and then tell us – one at time – why they loved us.

This was a whole new ballgame people.  Sure…she sings in the car, in front of the mirror in her room and in front of family…but in front of a whole room of people?  Well…

Singing came first…and she ‘sang’ the entire song with her face hidden behind her hands.  Peeking out between her fingers only occasionally to make sure I was still there.  Then it was time for her first public speaking engagement.  Barely audible – and still snuggled safely in her teacher’s lap – she said “I love my mummy because…she takes me out for dinner.”

Hmmm…so maybe it’s not cuddling on my lap reading books that she thinks of first.

Then she ran once again to me to present me with the bouquet of flowers she had made from her little handprints (sniff sniff) especially for me.  But this time she was grinning.  Her trepidation was gone and she was my little chatterbox once again. Fears faced.  Fears conquered.  Onto the next one.

After repeatedly reminding the kids on Saturday night that they were to wake Daddy up in the morning and not me I am pleased to report I only had to get up once during the night. And I’m pretty sure youngest was sleepwalking since she asked me to get all the spiders off her arms.  Okey-doke…back to bed with you now.

I almost made it to 9am…so close...but littlest just couldn't stay quiet any longer. As soon as they knew I was awake (and the TV show that oldest had been watching was paused) they both came running in to my room with their handmade gifts in hand. And hubby brought me that all important first cup of tea. (nectar of the gods I tell ya...)

I opened the presents – scattering glitter and beads all over the bed covers – to find home made frames with beautiful pictures of my girls that I had never seen.  Perfect gifts.

After presents we moved to the dining room for a good old fashioned breakfast fry-up courtesy of my hubby.  He even served me bacon that was not cooked to within an inch of its life. (I like soft bacon he likes his cremated – opposites attract in full effect here). After breakfast it was outside into a glorious Vancouver day.  The first hot day of the year. The kind of day that reminds Vancouverites why we suffer through the rain and the gray skies of winter…because we know this day is coming...and it looks like this:

We couldn't avoid the inevitable any longer and had to load into the car for a long hot drive out to Coquitlam for Mother’s Day lunch with the hubby’s side of the family. The drive is long and the scenery is well...not very scenic.  But it was worth the effort. We visited family we don't see very often, ate great food, pushed the girls on the swings and took some self portraits with my phone.
All too soon it was time to get back into the hot car to drive all the way to Ladner for swimming lessons. We could have happily stayed outside - and the kids begged to be able to stay and play with their cousins - but oldest had already missed 2 lessons and couldn't miss anymore. 

So after a minor tantrum...we were on the road again. We swam for an hour, battled another tantrum of "I don't wanna go." and then it was off to meet my mum and Nana for dinner.  4 generations of women having dinner on Mother’s Day – poor hubby…always surrounded by women.

And then…finally home.  To pjs and cuddles and books and I love you’s.

Hubby left for a concert leaving me to spend the last few hours of Mother’s Day in a quiet house lit by candles…drinking tea and watching trashy TV.

Perfection.  I loved my day.  Can we do it again tomorrow?

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