Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Party Time

My girls have birthdays that are just 6 days apart.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in that we only have to throw one birthday party a year.  But a curse in that it's a BIG one!

The party preparations start with a theme and this year's theme was a no-brainer after our trip to Disneyland in February.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse were both girls first choice. fighting this time.

After searching high and low in the lower mainland for party supplies with the Disney gang on them to no avail I finally gave up and headed south of the border to Party City.  And there I found everything I needed and more...that place is amazing.  Seriously...we need one up here in Canada.

All week I had been monitoring the weather forecast with trepidation hoping that Sunday would be sunny so the kids could play outside.  Luckily the morning of the party was bright without a cloud in the sky...thank you weather gods for finally cooperating.

Hubby, the girls and I spent several hours converting the party room to Disney central.  We put up a Mickey pinata (decoration only), a huge 6ft high wall decal with the gang on it (thank you Party City) and the usual balloons and streamers.

I made a last minute decision to create that memory wall using pictures from our trip to Disneyland and boy was I glad I did as it became the talk of the party...

After decorating the room it was time for me to tackle cupcakes.  I had looked online for Mickey Mouse cupcakes and finally found one that was simple (ie. didn't require fondant) and looked delicious.  The premise was simple - frost with chocolate icing, dip into Oreo crumbs and add 2 Mini Oreos for the ears.  So I set to work de-creaming a box of Oreos and crushing up the cookies.  I have to tell you it just felt wrong to take out the lovely cream filling of all those cookies and just throw it away...

Look at all that yumminess that I threw away. Shameful...  It turns out that all this work and emotional turmoil was unnecessary. A friend told me that you can actually buy Oreo cookie crumbs.  I didn't know this...but it's true. And now I feel like a bit of an ass:

That aside I had my hard earned cookie crumbs and my mini Oreos and was ready to Mickey-ize these 48 cupcakes. The girls helped (with a few) and after about an hour I had my finished product.
Not too shabby.

Finally kids(and parents) started to arrive and it was time to party.  Oldest and her friends mainly stayed outside to play at the playground in the sunshine.  While the younger kids alternated between playground fun and colouring the Mickey and Minnie sheets I had printed out.

For food we had kept things simple as the party was in the mid-afternoon - grapes, strawberries, Sun Chips, veggies & dip and water and juice to drink.

Instead of party hats we handed out Mickey ears to the boys and Minnie ears to the girls and brought everyone in to sing Happy Birthday (twice!) to the girls.  Finally it was time to eat cupcakes...and I am happy to say they were a big hit.

As the party wound down we handed out the goody bags - sidewalk chalk, stickers, pencil & fruit gummies - and said goodbye to friends.

Another party in the was a good one.  I need a nap.

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  1. It was a great party! The kids had a lovely time and the I can vouch for the yumminess of the cupcakes!