Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Positivity

The other day my aunt told me about a challenge she had been given at a writing seminar - go 21 days without complaining or gossiping. If you slip up...it's back to day 1. Well...I like a challenge...so gave it a go.

47 minutes was my record.

Being positive is tough.  It's so much easier to be negative. To complain. To gossip. To feel sorry for yourself. 

But for the sake of my girls I have given it a go...and while I know I will never hit the 21 day mark (I am a realist after all) I do think that even making the effort has made me happier.

My job is challenging and often I bring home some of the frustrations. This is the first bad habit I resolved to change as part of project positivity...and it's been great.

Hubby and I talk about other things...we chat to the kids about their days.  And laugh at their stories.

It's so easy to be frustrated about the fact that after a long day at work I can't just sit down and drink a cup of tea while it's still hot. Instead I make the conscious choice to relish the fact that my youngest daughter would rather climb into my lap and have me read her a story than do anything else. And that's a gift...even if it means reading Peter Pan for the 400th time...

My kids are my best teachers.  They teach me about unconditional love, pure joy and patience.  Most of all they give me perspective.

I know that Project Positivity will fail occasionally and that's okay...I am only human after all.  As long as I keep trying I will consider it a success.  It's the least I can do for these 2 lovely girls that look up to me...

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  1. What a great challenge to give yourself, not to mention inspiring. I think I might have to give it a go as well. Good Luck to you and project positivity!