Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping Spree (Monday Listicles #4)

Remember when $1,000 was a lot of money?  With our 4 person household I can’t believe how quickly our paycheques are eaten up. 

Daycare fees, mortgage payments, gas bills, car payments, dance classes, new shoes,etc.  The dollar really does stretch that far anymore.

So my first thought when I saw the topic for Stasha’s Monday Listicles was “How to spend $1,000 in 10 Steps” was to be practical.  To look at the things we need (like a new dishwasher) and figure out a logical plan on how to stretch the $1,000 to cover it all.

Then I thought nah…screw it…let’s have some fun!  Here's how I would spend my $1,000 in a completely irresponsible but super fun way:

Step 1:
Surprise the kids with a day off school and head out for breakfast as a family. Order whatever we want. The kids don't have to share.

Step 2:
Take the girls to Toys R Us and let them pick 3 things each. Don’t look at price tags. Soak in their big smiles.  Hope this won't turn them into spoiled's just one day right?

Step 3:
Sushi lunch with the kids.  They love sushi and can eat a ton of it…so it’s not a cheap option anymore.  This time…they can order to their hearts content.

Step 4:
Drop kids off at in-laws and head downtown to a fancy-schmancy hotel.  Check in…put on the robe…revel in the quiet.

Step 5:
A luxurious, 90 minute hot stone couples massage.  In the room…ultimate laziness.

Step 6:
Dinner at Hy’s. Steak. Cheese Bread. Enough said.

Head back to the hotel knowing that we can sleep as late as we want and I won't open my eyes to see my 3 year old staring at me from 2 inches away at 6am.

Step 7:
Lazy morning...breakfast in bed and then off for a shopping spree downtown.Clothes for hubby – maybe some electronics too. Shoes, purses and jewelry for me (because they always fit!)

Step 8:
Head to Chapters. I love books…but they have gotten so expensive I usually go to the local library instead.  Not this day.  They won’t know what hit them. We will get a Starbucks here as well. Naturally.

Step 9:
Afternoon high tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Seriously…it’s awesome.  Maple Maple tea. Scones with clotted cream and jam. Finger sandwiches. Stuffed.

Step 10:
Pick up the kids…head to a movie.  And buy something for all of us at the concession…including the overpriced candy.  That should take care of any leftover money.

Hmmm…looking over my list it’s clear that what I would so with this money is pretty much eat it all.  Can you tell I don’t like to cook?

Didn’t take us long to blow through that $1,000 but it sure was fun. Who needs a new dishwasher anyways?

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  1. Can I come ad have tea with you? And yes spending mad money on appliances would be so wrong...