Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paris is Always a Good Idea (Quotable Bits #6)

“Paris is always a good idea.”
~ Audrey  Hepburn

I came across this saying in a little shop in Whistler a few weeks ago and loved it so much I almost shelled out $40 for an 8x8 canvas print.

Almost.  Instead I took a picture…

But I do love the saying. It’s just oh so true.  There is never a time where Paris wouldn’t be a good idea.  Never a time where strolling the banks of the Siene, sipping a café au lait at a patisserie on the Champs Elysee or standing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower would be a bad idea.

Hubby and I have been lucky enough to visit the city of lights twice. First in 2005 as a last hurrah trip before having kids:

And then again in 2008 before our second daughter came along:

Both times we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. Both times I was pregnant. And while Paris is never a bad idea…it’s not necessarily a good idea when you are pregnant.

No cheese (unpasteurized milk), no wine and no strong coffee. Sigh…

Despite all I could not indulge in I fell in love with the city.  People told me that I would either love it or hate it.  But personally I think it’s all about how you approach your trip.

Yes Parisians can come across as abrupt and even rude.  But we found that usually only happened when tourists made the mistake of assuming that everyone spoke English.  Hubby and I always started our conversations with all locals in our limited, high-school French. And as we made the effort most of them usually let us off the hook and responded in English.

Paris is a magical city.  Full of life and vigour.  And love.

On our first trip we arrived in Paris after a long flight from Vancouver to London followed by a trip on the Eurostar and we were exhausted. It was nighttime...clearly time for bed.  But we had a mission. We dumped our bags at the hotel and walked straight towards the Eiffel Tower.

We could only see the tip from above the apartment buildings and then suddenly we came through two buildings and there it was…it was magnificent.

And we visited again and again during our time in the city.

The 2nd time we went we decided to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel.  It was amazing.  We went through a little gate, into a courtyard and up a very old, very squeaky flight of stairs. I loved it. It really felt like we were living in the city.

We bought fruits and vegetables from the local market along with still warm baguettes from the patisserie. A-may-zing.

We even became regulars at the little cafe down the block.

so yummy....
I can’t wait until our girls are older and we can take them to Paris and show them all the sights.

Notre Dame at night - the little cafe to the left made incredible crepes.

Inside the Louvre.  I'm pretty sure my husband took pictures of every single item in there.

The gardens outside the Louvre.

If this is "art" I am in the wrong business.
Moon over Paris
I will end with one more quote…“La vie ne vaut d'être vécue sans amour.”

Translation: "Life is not worth being lived without love."
So true. And I am so blessed to have much love in my life.


  1. Lucky you! I've never been to Paris. Love all of your pictures. One day, I plan on going with my hubby and I can't wait!

    1. Thanks! It is a must do...such a beautiful place.

  2. My husband and I also visited Paris together (before kids). Loved looking at your photos. What I really love about that quote is that, to me, it is saying you are never to old and it is never to late, to do the things that and visit the places that excite you. I need that reminder everyonce in awhile (3 kids later, and nearly 14 years after my last trip to Paris!)

    1. Great way to interpret the quote...I never thought of it that way. A good reminder to all of us. Thanks Kate.

  3. Loved this post, thanks for the mini vacation! I needed that after the week I've had! Your pictures are lovely and I'm envious that you've been there not only once, but twice! It's on my travel bucket list :)

    1. I needed it too...a walk down memory lane to remind me that everything is not all doom and gloom and stress. Glad it helped.
      And you guys have to go...it is such a romantic place. I can't wait to go back when I'm not pregnant. The cheese merchants won't know what hit them!

  4. one of my most favourite quotes from a fave lady of mine too. Never been though. Living near and working in the capital I often feel like I am in Paris.....so I guess I'd be used to some rudeness *snort*. but all that art, and history, and wine and FOOD. I could live with a little abruptness.