Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Escape

On Friday morning - as I drove out of the city with my best friend headed for Whistler – I was feeling pretty guilty.  Guilty that I had just done this two weeks before. Guilty about leaving hubby alone with the kids…again. Guilty about missing time with my kids…again. 

A comment from one of my Facebook friends kept ringing in my ears:  “You have more girls weekends away than anyone I know!”  The guilt turned me grumpy and the weather in Vancouver matched my mood:

But then I realized that instead of feeling guilty I should be feeling lucky.  Lucky to have a husband who will take of the kids and encourage me to go away.  Lucky to have kids that don’t punish me for being away but greet me with hugs and kisses when I return.  Lucky to have friends to go away with and enjoy me time with.  Lucky to have a place like Whistler just 90 minutes outside of town.

And so I pushed my grumps away and changed my attitude. And with that…the clouds parted and our road trip was underway.

My traveling companion for this road trip was my best friend S.  She and I have been friends since grade 9 - even though she says she kinda hated me when we first met. I guess she got over it.

S moved away from Vancouver several years ago and as such we see each other a lot less often than I would like.  But the great thing about a friendship this old is that no matter how much time has passed our relationship doesn’t change. We don’t feel resentful if it takes one of us (usually me) a week to return a phone call. We are just happy to have the time to re-connect.

And that is what this weekend was all about – reconnecting. The second installment of our new Annual Girls Weekend Away was great.

We spent Friday shopping at all the stores that S doesn’t have back home – hello H&M – and then made our way up the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler.  We arrived at 4:30 – just enough time to get checked in before our in-room massages at 5.  Now that’s what I call starting off the weekend right.

After my massage I was a big puddle of mush (sooooooo relaxed) so decided to sit back and read for a bit.  This is what bliss looks like:

S and I travel amazingly well together. Things just flow smoothly…we always seem to be in sync.  After massages and reading we went down to the hot tub. We ventured out to grab a Starbucks and some bits for dinner. Then it was back to the room where we made giant salads and sat back to watch a few episodes of the West Wing (god I love that show) before retiring for the night. A totally unexciting perfect night.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny (thank you weather gods) and I got to indulge in my favourite vacation food – Fruit Loops! I love that you can add "because I'm on vacation." to anything and that  make it perfectly justifiable. After breakfast we headed out into the sunshine. This was a day made for wandering the village and lying by the pool and that’s exactly what we did.

whistler village stroll...

by the pool self portrait
I found this amazing print at a little shop and I was so tempted to buy it.  Alas the budget does not allow for indulgences such as this so I took a picture and must be content with that.

Side note: I googled the phrase later and found out it’s actually an Audrey Hepburn quote.  Hmmm…I feel a future Quotable Bits posts in the making.

Saturday evening looked much the same as the night before.  We had dinner, grabbed a Starbucks, soaked in the hot tub and fired up the old West Wing marathon again.

My head was on my pillow by 11pm…and I was so ready to sleep. Unfortunately Whistler Village was alive with the sounds of bachelorette parties all trying to out-scream each other.  In fact this was the door down the hall from us:

Finally I put my iPod on and fell asleep to the music.

Sunday meant it was time to go home. We hit the road – stopping at the Tim Horton’s to pick up a mandatory double double.  No Canadian road trip is complete without one.

And seriously driving the Sea to Sky highway – even on a cloudy day – is a huge reminder of why we live here.  the views are just spectacular.  British Columbia is just the best place on earth.  They should use that as a slogan. ;)

Then I was home and hugging my friend goodbye – wondering when the next time I would see her would be.  I’m working on getting her to move back to the big city because nothing can compare to our relationship. We go back so far that she knows me better than even my husband. 

She’s the one that knows things no one else knows…and the things I don’t want anyone else to know.  Come to think of it…maybe I should leave her up in the boonies with that info.  Dangerous…

As she drove away I was drawn back into the house for a couple of games of Monopoly Deal and a Strawberry Shortcake DVD.  We needed groceries so the girls and I gave Daddy a much needed break and headed to the store.

I love grocery shopping with the girls.  Oldest is very focused – she is the keeper of the list and makes ure we get everything we need.  Youngest sits in the cart and directs our expedition.  And of course makes sure to throw all the heavy stuff on top of the bread…because that’s how it works.

Shopping with them is fun now…and it makes me think of all the times to come where them getting older will be a good thing.  I’m excited.

We rounded out the day with swimming lessons (the last of the spring – hurray!), dinner, books and bedtime cuddles. And then hubby and I settled in front of the TV for the premiere of True Blood and the finale of Mad Men.

All in all a wonderful weekend.  Life is good right now.  It is very very good.

Have a great week!

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous and well-balanced weekend! Love the new header, and can't wait to read more in your quotable bits post!