Monday, July 9, 2012

Enjoying the little things

As I climbed into bed last night I felt completely content.  I was exhausted – the result of a busy weekend and yet another post-midnight bed time – but I was happy.

The weekend had been filled with all the little things that make me smile. Family barbecue’s, trips to the park, outdoor wading pools, indoor swimming pools, ice cream & hot dogs, rum & cokes…the list just goes on and on.

And a major part of this happy feeling can be attributed to the sun.  Simply put the whole house has been happier since the sun finally decided to grace us with its presence.  We are slowly being reminded of why we live here and how much there is to do in the city when its sunny.

As hubby has been spending quite a bit of time renovating his sister’s new apartment we very much cherish our family time.  So on Friday night we kicked the weekend off with an ice cream treat and a trip to the Circle Park.

Park time is one of the best ways to tire out my kids…they were exhausted by the time we got home and fell asleep quickly and without too much protestation.

Hubby and I decided to check out if Netflix had anything new to offer and I literally screamed with excitement when I saw that the documentary Senna was now available.  I am a huge Formula 1 fan and had heard amazing things about the movie but hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. 

It lived up to all the hype.  Check it out even if you aren’t an F1 fan...such great insight into the sport and the life of one of the best drivers of all time. 

Saturday was our day without Daddy – so as he headed off to the world of priming and painting – the girls and I were en route to the library.  Last week the girls were proud to get their very own library cards and start their “Summer Reading Passports”.  This week they needed to get their first weekly sticker.

First stop at the library was the children’s librarian to get their coveted stickers.  At her desk she had a ‘guessing jar’ filled with wine gums.  Malia wanted to enter her ‘guess’ and whatever big sister does little sister must do as well. This jar was packed full of wine gums…I figured there had to be at least 75-80 in there.  Malia guessed 100 (not bad) while Téa thought about it for a while before deciding on 4. I’m not expecting a congratulatory call anytime soon.

I love the library.  I have so many memories of going there when I was a kid and checking out piles of books every week. And much to my delight my girls are looking like they are going to be voracious readers themselves. After settling on their piles of books (I had to cap them at 10 each) they each wanted to do the self check out all by themselves.

Post library we hit up Old McDonald’s for lunch and then drove into Vancouver to one of our favourite parks. It’s near our old house and is the kind of park where both girls can play without needing a boost up or a push or a hand down.  And I can see the whole park no matter where I am standing.

There is also a very mysterious looking staircase at the back of the park that my girls have always shied away from…until now. Malia insisted on seeing where it went and little sister happily followed.  We climbed up the few overgrown stairs and found a walking path with a few interesting tree stumps on the sides. Of course if you asked the girls they would say we found an AMAZING WONDERLAND!

In the AMAZING WONDERLAND it was required that we sit on the interesting stumps, examine ladybugs and play "he loves me, he loves me not." And we obliged:

He loves me!

Finally it was time to leave the park and head home to host some family for an impromptu barbeque. I love these get together's with family…where what you are eating is unimportant (hot dogs & salad)…it is all about the company and the conversation.  And both were fantastic. We sat on the porch chatting and drinking until almost midnight…

Malia wanted to make sure everyone knew where the BBQ was.

Sunday was family day - Daddy was home! - and the girls wanted to go swimming.  Our kids are major water babies…they love to swim. Our local pool had been closed for 2 weeks for renovations and they were in major withdrawal.  We had a lovely time.  The pool was practically empty (a major rarity) so we had lots of space to move in.  Malia started diving for rings and the look on her face when she was successful was awesome. She was so proud.

After swimming we headed over to my in-law’s for a birthday party.  They have an amazing backyard…it’s the same backyard where my husband and I fell in love in a hammock. The girls got back into their swimsuits and played in a wading pool.

Then we took a break from the water to walk around the perimeter of the yard that my father-in-law has turned into an enchanted forest - complete with faces on the trees - for his grand daughters that he loves so much.

What summer backyard party wouldn't be complete without watermelon?  Even better...sneaking some kisses while your child is distracted by said watermelon?

Hours flew by like minutes and it was time to head home. After a long day (weekend) spent in the sun it was an evening to relax.  Pizza and Mr. Popper’s Penguins was the perfect prescription. (yes…I did that on purpose).

While the family relaxed at home I headed to the movies to see Magic Mike.  It was cheesy, it was predictable and I loved every minute of it. So much fun!  The perfect way to cap off the weekend.

Phew. No wonder I was exhausted but content.  This was another one of those amazing weekends full of these little moments that remind me how good I have it.  A weekend that reminded me to be thankful and enjoy the small things.

Let’s do it all again next weekend!

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