Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday (#4)

The past few weeks I have been dragging myself through the week with the promise that eventually it would be Friday.  And to that end I have really needed the boost of my High Five as a reminder about all the fun things that had happened that week.

Today…I need this High Five more than ever…what with the return of the rain and all the news coming out of Colorado following a mass shooting at a midnight movie showing...I'm feeling a little depressed. My hubby was at a midnight movie last night and even though the shooting in Denver was more than 1,000 miles away – the fact that my husband was sitting in a movie theatre just like the victims in Aurora makes it hit home a little bit more.

So I need a pick me up…to get me out of this funk brought on by senseless violence and a darkening sky. Here we go:

1. Sunny Evenings at the Beach.  After several attempts of trying to connect with friends for a night at the beach we finally made it happen…and it was awesome!

2. Physical Exertion.  After missing several weeks of my workouts due to crazy schedules and back spasms I finally returned this week.  I am sore all over but it feels so good.

3. Theatre Dates. Our girls LOVE Mary Poppins so when I heard the Broadway show was coming to Vancouver I knew we had to take them. Malia loved it – she sat riveted through the entire show.  Téa is still clearly a little too young.  We took turns with her in the lobby watching on the TV screens.  Lesson learned…still a great night!

4. Sunday’s at the Farmers Market. Our local farm market runs every second Sunday and this weekend was the first time we had made it down there. It was windy and was threatening to rain but that didn’t stop us.  We checked out every stall and the girls loved all the options.  We bought fresh blueberries and a loaf of rosemary & lemon bread.  Delicious!

5. New furniture. For months it had been apparent that the girls needed a new dresser.  They were still sharing the change table and it was not enough.  So hubby and I decided that the best move was to give them our old dresser and buy a new one for ourselves. We have a giant new IKEA store that just opened so we made our first trip there.  After several hours of lunching, wandering and riding in carts we took our purchase home. And by 1:30 the following morning the furniture moves were complete and the new dresser assembled. Once it is accessorized properly I will post a picture.  For now I will use the image from the IKEA website - and of course the obligatory shots of kids in carts:

I seriously love it...brightens up the room so much!


Once again this high five has lifted my spirits and I am ready for the weekend! 

Hooray for Friday!



  1. I live not too far from that movie theater and it is just so devastating! my heart goes out to the families.

  2. A high 5 to you K!!! Excited to see the pic of your new piece