Monday, July 30, 2012

Keep the noise down (Monday Listicles #10)

At this very moment I have about 5 partially formed blog posts in my head…one of them all about the lovely wedding that we attended on the weekend. But I’m having trouble fidning the time to get these down on paper…they require too much time and thought.

Today’s Monday Listicles topic however is blissfully simple…and fun.  Exactly what I needed this Monday…

10 Most Annoying Sounds…with a little help from my friends at YouTube:

1. The constant hum of fans – ceiling, bathroom, stovetop or otherwise.  Drives me nuts!

2. Whining.  Of any kind…but recently the 3 year old variety has been topping my annoying list.  Especially when she’s hungry every 5 minutes.

3. Crows.  Oh. My. God.  Just shut up already…especially at 5am on a Sunday morning.

4. Sid the Science Kid...and his parents…and his grandma…and especially his friends. I'm looking at you Gerald.

5. “Your call is very important, please stay on the line and our next representative will be happy to help you.”
I found this picture on a website with the heading – “On hold advertising – turn your hold button into a sold button.” Uh…not so much.

6. Little annoying yappy dogs. We have an older lady in our complex with two such dogs that she always seems to be walking right around the time I get home. I really can’t stand them.

7. The dryer buzzing.  Because that means the load of laundry is done and I need to fold it and put it away.

8. The dentist’s drill.  Especially when used on my very back teeth and it sounds like the noise is actually coming from inside my brain.

9. When commercials come on and they are about 10 times louder than the show was.  Why do they do that?  Extra loud commercials won't attract my attention…they attract the mute button.

Apparently the FCC is on to these perpetrators now and is looking to stop this annoying practice. Thank god!

10. When I accidentally grind the gears on my car.  It sends a shiver up my spine every time…the worst!

Thanks Stasha for another great list.  See you next week!


  1. Number four has me in stitches! HA! I couldn't tolerate Little Bear. It was sooooooooooooo dull!

  2. Hello Gerald! I cannot stand you either!! :) Great list, we just got back from camping and husband treated my car to #10 and we had to be towed home.