Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little Vitamin D...

Vancouver has been a dreary, grey landscape recently.  All while the rest of Canada is enjoying record breaking heat. It was hard to take and as a result the whole city was in a funk. Everyone was depressed. It was getting harder and harder to remember why we called this the Best Place on Earth.

I was starting to think about looking for a new job in a warmer climate.

And then the sun came back to us yesterday and - if the forecast is to believed - it is here to stay. And already…after just a day and a half... I am feeling more alive.

I am looking forward to the possibilities that come with a forecast of sun and warmth. I am looking forward to weekend day trips with the kids and bbq’s with friends. Walks to the park where I don’t need to bring a towel in case the slide is wet. I am looking forward to wearing flip flops and – gasp – short sleeve shirts!

Vitamin D you are a truly beautiful thing. If you stayed a while I think we could be the best of friends.

Heck…we might even fall in love.

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