Monday, July 23, 2012

Sharing the Birthday Spotlight (Monday Listicles #8)

This week's Monday Listicles topic (compliments of Robbie at Fractured Fairy Tales) is birthdays.  That’s all the thought starter help we get…make a list about birthdays…so many options!

If you have read my “About Me” section (and based on my Blogger stats not many have…but I forgive you) then you would know that I share my birthday with not one but two family members.

Growing up I used to be so annoyed at having to share the spotlight on my special day.  (I am a Leo after all.)  But now that I am much older and wiser I think it’s awesome.

So here is my list of the top 10 reasons sharing my birthday is totally fan-freakin’-tasic:

1. At least TWO and sometimes THREE different kinds of birthday cake.  Enough said.

Sometimes its a heart shaped cake like my 19th...

...and sometimes it's awesome homemade cupcakes like my 32nd.
2. Family will always come together to celebrate three birthday’s on the same day. Hard to opt out of such a big celebration.

3. Birthday present one-up-man-ship. Actually this is something I just wish will happen one day. Pipe dream.

4. You get to make jokes about someone being your birthday present and how you didn’t get a receipt and there are no refunds or exchanges. Every year…same joke..same laughs.

5. Sharing the building anticipation as the big day grows closer…counting down is better when it’s a shared experience.

6. Scope and scale of celebration is bigger than if you were only celebrating one person.  More people are invited, more booze is consumed and more fun is hand.

7. Having a picture of me and my cousin taken on the same day every year for most of our lives. Priceless.

8. Always knowing the EXACT age difference between me and my fellow birthday sharers. 4 years older. 32 years younger. Simple math makes me happy.

9. I don’t need Facebook to remind me when their birthdays are. No “sorry I missed your special day” messages required here.

10.  Hmmmm…can’t think of one more…so Top 9 reasons it is.  There are no rules here…

There you have it…another Monday Listicles in the books.  And I am now pumped at the fact that my special 1/3 of a day will be here in just 16 sleeps.

Happy birthday to me (us)!


  1. love that you and your cousin have a yearly birthday picture. I'm all for simple math..I am 30 years and and 1 week younger than my dad.

  2. Nice! You sold me with "3 different kinds of cake." Mmmmm...

  3. May your pipe dreams come true! I love the family connection. Ellen

  4. All kind of awesome. And by now it is 15 sleeps to go. Hurray for the three of you!!

  5. I love it! 3 different kinds of cake! And calories don't count on your birthday :)