Monday, July 16, 2012

Thanks… (Monday Listicles #7)

This week’s topic is really wide open with just the simple thought starter of 10 Thanks. And after running through several options on how to tackle the subject I wound up just starting to's what came out:

1. Thanks to my kids for repeatedly reminding me of the importance of patience! I especially like it when you team up together to really hammer the lesson home.  That really shows how much you care.

2. Thanks to my friends for always being there – especially on Monday nights when you make watching The Bachelorette so much more fun. (Go Jef Go!)

3. Thanks to summer for finally showing up. And bringing flip-flops, evenings at the beach and bbq's with you.
I need a pedicure!
4. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Spirit Nail (just one) for helping get my feet ready for summer at a very reasonable price. I must admit I was concerned the first time you broke out the Dremel power drill on my heels but clearly I needed it. And based on the picture above I will be visiting soon.

5. Thanks to my friends with kids for reminding me that I am not alone in all my child-related challenges.  It’s nice to know that we are all in this together.

6. Thanks to PBS for your amazing weekend morning line up that lets hubby and I sleep in at least until Super Why is over.

7. Thanks to my wonderful network of family babysitters for helping me handle the stress of childcare during the summer for the first time.  Special shout out to my mum for offering to come to MY house this morning and bringing a Tim Horton’s steeped tea with her.

8. Speaking of that…thanks to Tim Horton’s for making an amazing cup of tea that I can drink without the hassle of removing and disposing of the tea bag.  Gold star for you.

9. Thanks to the first person that decided to try rum and coke together.  It’s awesome…and so are you.

10. Finally…thanks to my hubby for just being him.  Sometimes he drives me crazy…just like I do him…but as we approach our 13th wedding anniversary I know that while our lives may have changed tremendously at his core he is still the guy I fell in love with in grade 12. And he can still make me laugh like no one else can.

Thanks Stasha for the great thought starter this week…a very optimistic start to the week.


  1. Sounds like you are surrounded by some fabulously supportive people...lucky you.

    1. Thanks Robbie...I am very lucky that way. Am in total awe of parents who function without one.

  2. I know, Super Why has some power, right?!? I need another pedicure too.

    1. thanks for reading Jackie! Between Super Why and Dinosaur Train we sometimes even get to stay in bed until 8:30! What a luxury...

  3. Theere is tea without tea bags? I must investigate :)
    What a happy list. everything about it! have a hopty dopty sunny and hot week!

    1. I was skeptical at first but the fact that I can have such hassle-free cups of tea while on the go is simply awesome. You must try it yourself. Do you have any Tim Horton's down your way?
      You enjoy your week as well...