Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They do

I love weddings. They are such a great reminder of the power of love and family.  Today we went to my sister-in-law’s wedding.  And it was just lovely.
We even remembered to get a family photo!
My girls were flower girls. Malia was so excited about her ‘job’. She had been a flower girl once before when my brother and sister in law got married…so she was the veteran here.

We figured it would hit or miss with Tea.  She would either be a rock star with her flower girl smile pasted on for the short walk down the aisle or play drama queen.

Sadly…she chose the latter.  Deciding to clutch on to the nearest grown up and play shy…all the while that little grin that we know all to well…was playing on her lips.

Malia was perfection…as we expected. She not only led the other flower girls down the aisle but then took her seat and sat quietly through the service.  She absorbed everything - the music, the words, the kiss…

Littlest needed a little bit more attention but between the snacks, toys and my iPhone she managed to make it through the service without causing a scene.  A minor miracle…

Since I was in charge of keeping my youngest occupied and preventing her from disrupting everything I wasn’t able to lose myself in the ceremony as much as I would have liked.  But the little bits I did catch made me think about my own wedding day 13 years ago. 

We were so young…just 22...when we said I do and it feels like a complete life time ago.  But I remember the feeling of entering the chapel for the first time and seeing him waiting for me at the altar.  And I could see that same feeling echoed on my sister in law’s face.

I could feel their excitement and joy as they exchanged vows and…just like that…it was done…they were husband and wife.

After that there was nothing left to do except dance the day away...so we did.

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