Monday, July 9, 2012

Things I Would/Wouldn't Miss (Monday Listicles #6)

It’s Monday…time for another Listicle (I just love that made up word).

This listicle was suggested by Deborah and inspired by the late Nora Ephron’s list of “THINGS SHE WILL MISS AND WHAT SHE WON’T”.  Basically...if the world was to end today what are the 10 things you would miss and the 10 you would be glad to never have to deal with again.

I figure that every once and a while it's good to take stock of these sorts of matters no matter how morbid the thought my be. So here we go:

Things I WOULD miss if I died today:

1. Obviously my kids. More specifically - getting spontaneous “I Love You’s" from them, the look on their face when they achieve a goal, watching them play together, morning cuddles...etc, etc.

2. My husband. The way he makes me laugh, the way he kisses me, the way he takes care of our girls.

3. Laughing so hard over silly things with my girlfriends that I accidentally snort

4. Steaming cups of tea

5. Bubble baths

6. My family...I may not have been able to pick them...but they are pretty awesome.

7. Cuddling up on the couch with popcorn for family movie nights

8. The ocean

9. Nights out with my girlfriends

10. My bed.

Things I WOULDN’T miss if I died today:

1. Rain - more specifically that misty-not-really-raining-but-just-enough-to-make-your-hair-go-frizzy rain

2. Folding and putting away laundry

3. Worrying about money/bills/debt/future

4. Sitting in traffic

5. Making lunches

6. Cracked heels

7. Wearing a bra (I swear taking this off at the end of the day is the best feeling EVER!)

8. Morning Chaos

9. Clothes shopping

10. Feeling guilty while trying to achieve the impossible dream of work/life balance

Well I must say that after writing out these lists I am feeling compelled to make every minute count this week!  Hope you all do the same.


  1. The ocean still never ceases to amaze me.
    I only wish there was some alternative to bras. I mean there's not wearing one, but I also don't want to hurt the general public.

  2. Let's just boycott these dang bras and bring back the 70's. Hey even frizz would be back in style then :)
    Love this list. I am so with you, wish the guilt went away for good!

  3. Taking off my bra at the end of the day really is the best feeling ever isn't it!

    I am love finding that so many others snort like me too! :D