Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend in Pictures #2

Can't believe that I haven't written anything on here since Wednesday! 

I wish I could chalk it up to the fact that the weather was so incredibly fabulous that every waking has been filled with outdoor activities. 

Alas - as Bits of Bee so wonderfully outlined - we live in Rain-couver and have pretty much been cooped up and going stir crazy this long weekend.

Despite the weather we still managed to have some good times...

Friday was a bonus day off for me. After a morning full of doctors appointments and errands I finally took some time for me and got my haircut. It was long overdue.

I came out of the salon to a rare break in the rain and took a stroll in my old neighbourhood.  And along the way I came across this car.
It was identical to my first beloved CRX that I got for my 16th birthday. I still miss it to this day:

 Man...check out that crocheted vest.  Ouch.

Okay...back to this weekend. On Saturday hubby spent the day fixing up his sister's apartment so the girls and I decided to head to the movies to see Madacasgar 3.

I was a little apprehensive about attempting this on my own in case my youngest decided she didn't want to stay. But it was great.  They were angels...popcorn helped:

Then it was off to the mall and library.  At the library we visited our old friend Minoru:

(By the way the other three pictures I took where of them pointing at the horse's "pee-pee" and laughing.  Kids I tell ya...)

On Sunday youngest stayed home with hubby to "watch" the Euro Cup Final and I took oldest with me to her Auntie's Wedding Shower.  She was so pleased to be able to hang out with the grownups.

She espeically loved helping her Auntie open the presents:

Then it was home for a Canada Day BBQ with all the neighbours - and thank goodness the sun came out for this one.
All too quickly it was Monday...the final day of the long weekend.  Hubby was working again.  And it was raining again.  I feared the day would be a disaster. 

We pulled out every toy.  We painted and did play doh.  Finally we made a giant bed in the middle of the living room floor and snuggled together to watch Mary Poppins:
Not the best long weekend...but not the worst either. And with the long range forecast finally calling for sun they can only get better.


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