Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Live at Squamish

This past weekend I was incredibly excited to head up to Live at Squamish - a local music festival - that featured some pretty incredible acts.

Hubby and I were being joined by my cousins for the weekend - we bought our tickets and booked our hotel back in April - and then had a long 4.5 month wait.

I've noticed that hubby has forgotten how to smile in pictures lately...next time I will poke him in the kidney.  That oughta get some kind of reaction at least.

Unfortunately our weekend got off to a rough start when there was an accident on the sea to sky highway and what should have been a 45 minute drive turned into a 3 1/2 one. We tried to make the best of a bad situation by rolling down the windows and singing along to Cinderella's "Coming Home".  Jen even managed to accidentally sing right at a passing car.

"Sorry Alberta" she yelled as he rolled past at 10km/h. He gave her a thumbs up out the window. Aren't all us Canadians just so polite.

It's hard to recover your good mood after a start like that - especially when the delay made us miss a few bands that all of us were really excited to see. In the end - on a scale of 1-10 - I would have to put the whole experience at about a 7.  Not too shabby...

and now I give you the weekend in pictures - complete with witty captions:

Screw you Sea to Sky Higway and your stupid merge down to one lane areas.

i was getting bored in the backseat...starting taking some 'artsy' shots.

No two people can sing AT each other like these girls.  LOVE IT!

The only redeeming feature of our long drive was having this view to our left the entire time.
finally...around 5:45 we made it to the hotel.  And started drinking...

I think maybe I tried to take too many self portraits...jen looks a little annoyed. In my defense - by this point we had run out of mixer for our vodka so Cheryl was using Smirnoff Ice as mixer. Did I mention I'm a cheap drunk?

on our way to the festival grounds we met this lady walking her Akita. He was so huge and cute I needed to take a picture of him. Unfortunately I was pretty drunk at this point and forgot to make sure you could see the dog in the shot. Sorry...

Our view of the stage from the beer garden. What? we could (almost) see the band.
Warning: these go down WAY too easily.
Day 1 ended with us hitting the hay at around 11:30.  Wow...we really can party these days.  Unfortunately for my hotel room companions I slept very soundly but kept them all awake with my snoring. Hubby seemed to have made the right decision to sleep in the car at the campground with his other friends.

Day 2 dawned and we had several hours to kill before the music got started at 3pm. Question is what does one do in Squamish with 6 hours to kill?  Answer - head to Walmart where you can buy stuff you don't really need right now but might need soon...and try on funny hats/headgear:

I seriously love these ladies.  Big box store shopping is so much more fun with them.

After Walmart the girls decided they needed a nap.  Not sure why...I felt fine.
our nap area was pretty noisy so after about 45 minutes we gave up trying to sleep and played dress up instead.  Here is me in Cheryl's hat and glasses.  I was going for pouty lips...but it looks more like I'm laughing.
We arrived back at the concert grounds and found a spot where we could see everything AND lean against a fence. Jackpot!

everyone assume your positions...and stay there for 6 hours.

Cheryl went up to dance and so jen and I snuck another self-portrait.  It's one of those things we do that she pretends bugs her so we keep doing it. hee hee..
the clouds started to roll in right around 7pm...

...and it threatened to rain several times.  But never did...
And that was all she wrote...we hit the highway around 10pm Sunday night and had a much quicker trip home than we did coming up (thank god.)  By 11:30 I was back to reality and preparing my kids lunches and folding laundry.

you know...i just re-read my entire entry and realized I didn't talk much about the music considering that was the purpose of the trip.  There really were some incredible bands up there and I loved getting introduced to new musical acts. The Tragically Hip headlined on Saturday night and from what I could hear/seee from the beer garden they were pretty good.  they might have a futre in this biz. (seriouly I could use a sarcasm font...)

City and Colour closed out the show on Sunday night and was fantastic. And I discovered 2 new bands that I really liked - The Airborne Toxic Event and Wintersleep. Both were awesome. 

In truth though I think - for me - the actual music was secondary.  It was nice to have in the background but I am definitely more about having fun with my friends and enjoying their company.  So next year I think I will pass on the event.

Nothing personal Live at Squamish...I think you just ain't my bag...baby.

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