Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to Normal

There is something so wonderful about routine.  I know it can be boring and monotonous but it is also comfortable and easy and rewarding.

This weekend my little family and I got blissfully back into routine.  It was one of those rare weekends where we had nothing on the calendar - no birthday parties, no classes, no lessons, nothing. The weekend was an open book…and we dove right in.

Last weekend we disovered the joy of being a tourist in our own town…so in that same vein we took a trip to a very popular local tourist venue.  White Rock beach.

The day was a true scorcher and the girls were excited about getting to dig in the sand on the beach.  Sadly the tide was too high and there was no beach available for them to dig in.  Instead we walked to the end of the pier and watched people fish and crab. 

Despite the lack of sand to dig in the girls managed to make the most of the beach…

They hunted for interesting rocks and shells, dipped their toes in the water and after a very short time begged for ice cream.

Naturally…we said yes…because really is there anything better than ice cream on a hot day?

Our day at the beach was rounded out with our usual trip to the pool…hello routine…welcome back.

Sunday came and brought with it some clouds - a sad reminder that fall is approaching all to quickly. But a cloudy Sunday morning is also the perfect excuse to stay home for a quiet, do-nothing morning.  And that’s what we did.  Lounging in our PJ’s, drinking multiple cups of tea and - much to the delight of the girls - finally getting a chance to dig into hubby’s GIANT box of Lego.

He brought the box up from storage several weeks ago and the girls have asked everyday if they could open it.  So this was a little like Christmas morning…

And their reaction was worth the wait…Malia went straight to work on building a house complete with rooftop patio. While little sister made messy piles of assorted sizes of lego - her favourite comment becoming “oh…I need that one.”

Best moment had to be when Malia said “So Daddy…this lego belongs to all of us now right?”  And my darling hubby - without missing a beat commented - “No…it’s mine and I’m just letting you play with it.” oh boys and their toys…

After lunch we reluctantly changed out of our pj’s and headed out into the real world - where rain was really looking imminent.  Of course it was…because our destination was hubby’s first soccer game of the season.

Luck was on our side as the rain held off.  I have to tell you …it was so great to see hubby playing again.  He has played since he was a kid and it wasn’t until we had kids that it got harder for him to regularly play and practice.

I can’t promise him that the girls and I will be at every game - spending 2 hours on the sidelines of a muddy field in the rain with 2 bored kids is not my idea of great fun - but we will go to as many as we can.  He better get used to hearing “go daddy go” from the sidelines.

So now - sitting on my couch after an evening spent eating popcorn and watching Happy Feet 2 - I am grateful for the return to normalcy.  For feeling like a family unit again…for the small joys in life.

All that said - there is still much discussion between hubby and I about shaking our normal all to hell.  About taking a giant leap of faith, packing up the house, home and kids and taking off for a new city.

Current front runner is Tampa, Florida…which Google tells me is 5,285.1 miles away from here. - or in other words - a complete world away.  Time to start doing some actual research to see if this pipe dream could ever even become a reality.

Hubby said last night, “You would think that talking about making this kind of move would terrify me…but it doesn’t.  I’m just excited.”

Me too. But if it doesn’t happen…I feel lucky to have been reminded just how great normal can be.

Especially when it comes in the form of a powdered donut...

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