Friday, September 21, 2012

Going with the Flow

Today turned out to be nothing like what I had expected or planned.  It was the first of my ‘extra’ days off and I was looking forward to having a productive day around the house.

After an early start - that consisted of me finally getting out of the house for some very long overdue blood work -  it was back home for breakfast and to take our oldest to school. I love when I get to take her to school…and she loves it too.  I try to do it at least once a week - but on the days I have to work that means I don’t get to the office until after 9:30.  So it‘s tough to make that happen.

So after chatting with her teacher, checking out her “very own desk!” and laughing at the fact that she included a once-idly-referenced-potential goldfish in her family portrait - we left the school.  I dropped hubby back at home (he was off to finish a few last details at his sisters) and then took youngest to daycare.

It was 9am and I was finally ready to get going on my to-do list.  First up was a stop at Michael’s - we needed more glow sticks.  STAT!

There I am - steeped tea in hand - browsing through the clearance bin for stocking stuffers for the girls when my phone rings.  Now…my phone ringing is usually not a good sign.  All of my closest friends and family are texters…so I know its something more serious (or a wrong number) when I hear the ring.

It was the secretary from the school.  As per protocol she starts out with “Don’t worry…your daughter is fine.” and then drops the bomb “But she had quite a big fall on her face at recess and I think you better take her to the dentist.”

And just like that…my day has evaporated.

Instead of heading home to sort through closets and bookshelves, doing some cleaning and maybe watching a little bit of daytime TV…I was on my way to pick up my crying child for an emergency trip to the dentist.
she really wasn't digging the idea of an xray.

 Okay…such is life. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. And that’s just what I did.

It was much easier to forget about all the ‘me-time’ I had lost once I saw her tear stained face and felt her arms hug me a little tighter than usual…telling me that she was scared and needed some reassurance. Because being her mama is my real job…and hugging her back and telling her all would be fine was the most important thing I did today.

We went straight to the dentist’s office and after a quick consultation they told me she hadn’t done any permanent damage and none of her teeth were broken.  Both front teeth are loose - the left one barely hanging on - but they were still her baby teeth so no real harm done.

that sucker is SO ready to come out now.
 Once we had established that she escaped from this incident with no real permanent damage we headed home with nothing but a milkshake and a movie on the agenda.  The milkshake turned into a yogurt smoothie and the ‘movie’ she picked was the So You Think You Can Dance finale - but the sentiment was there.

And once home…instead of leaving her on the couch while I attempted to accomplish anything - I gave up on my list all together and opted for some cuddle time. We talked about the dancers and cheered when our favourites won.  The we got ourselves some ice cream and watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.

It was a completely unproductive afternoon…and that was a-okay.  I will have many other opportunities to clear out the bathroom cupboard but she will never be this age again.

I rolled with the punches today and as a result I shared some moments with my darling girl that I wouldn’t have had if all had gone according to plan.

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