Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's finally Friday which means we can put another long week of emotional highs and lows - in the books.  I had the added bonus of some serious sleep interruption to deal with this week but all that aside...there was a lot to be happy about as well:

1. Tourists in our own town.  We are trying to hit a few of the most popular tourist spots with the kids and  this week we ventured south to White Rock Beach. Where we looked for pretty rocks and shells, walked on the pier and watched the crabbers and fisherman and wrapped it all up with an ice cream.


I love this one...all of my little family holding hands.

2. Strong Daddy Arms. After a long day at the beach then swimming the girls were tuckered out and both fell asleep in the car. I told Hubby I could take one of them but he insisted on carrying both his girls. "I want to do while they are still little enough." he said.  Sniff... sweet is that?

3. Lego Fun. After Hubby finally allowed the kids to bust into his giant box of Lego...with the understanding that the lego was still his and they were just playing with it...oldest and I set to work building a house.  Complete with rooftop patio and some mail in the mailbox.  Many years of lego fun ahead...

4. Beautiful Vancouver. As hubby and I toy more and more with the prospect of packing up and moving elsewhere I find myself looking at my hometown in a new light.  It's almost as if the idea of leaving here has made me much more appreciative of how beautiful it is here (when it's not raining).

On my way to the airport for a daycare meeting I found myself with 15 minutes to kill and decided to drive to Iona Beach.  I parked, got out of my car and took in this amazing sight. So peaceful...

Then yesterday - on a whim - I took a lunchtime drive over to my old Vancouver neighbourhood.  I took this picture just a few blocks up the hill from our old house. I do miss my old 'hood.

5. Girls Night Out.  I truly cherish time with my girlfriends...they make me laugh, give great advice and keep me grounded.  On Wednesday I attended an event for bloggers with my favourite fellow bloggers Bianca and Aubrey.  After a few cocktails this was the best self-portrait I could manage. It was a great night...

The weekend is already shaping up to be a great one. The forecast is calling for sun and hubby and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary with a night out on Saturday.

Wow...13 years...amazing.

Happy Friday everyone!

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