Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucky 13 (Quotable Bits #15)

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person."
~ Mignon McLaughlin

Today is my 13th Wedding Anniversary.   

That number – 13 – is really amazing to me. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have been married for that long.  But when you marry your high school love these big milestones come and yet we are still (relatively) young.

I made a photobook for hubby last Christmas that was effectively a record of our relationship.  The only photos that were included were of the two of us and – eventually – both our daughters.

This is what I put on the intro page:

April 1992...grade 9.
Girl and boy meet and girl kicks boy's hacky sack on the roof.
It was his favourite one. Love does not bloom instantly.

Three years, one strategic locker swap, several breakfast invitations
and a couple of hammock swings later
their love story finally begins with a poem read on the bleachers.

There were ups…and downs…and ups…and downs…but love stayed true.
In July of 1997 he proposed and she said ‘okay’.
Two years later…on September 18, 1999…this boy and his girl were sealed with a kiss...

I love our little story...it really is just so simple. It wasn't love at first sight but when the timing was finally right our love was undeniable.

And I loved our wedding day. We were surrounded by just family and a few of our very closest friends. It was a beautiful sunny September day and a perfect start to our lives together.

Hubby have shared so many memories over our marriage – most have been good…some not so much – but such is true of most marriages I would suspect.

The good memories…aw man have they ever been good.

It has been incredible to watch not only how hubby and I have changed over the years but also how our love has evolved.  From newlywed love which is so overwhelming and all consuming to the sophomore years where we finally managed to pull ourselves apart from each other for brief periods of time.

Then there is the most rewarding evolution of all – when your love for each other has to expand to include children.  Watching my hubby become a father and see how much he loves his girls…and how much they love him…has been truly amazing and only made our love stronger.

Communication, respect and love – my trifecta for a happy marriage. And I’m not saying I’m any kind of expert…but hitting 13 years and still being madly in love should count for something right?

Who would’ve thought that a hacky sack on the roof could have led to all this.

Love is a truly beautiful thing.


  1. Congrats on 13 years! My husband and I will celebrate 13 years next July and you're right about the ups and downs. There have been plenty of times that we thought the downs would tear us apart, but we just keep going! :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! 13 years is most definitely nothing to sneeze at. I follow the same philosophy as you when it comes to love and marriage!!! Here's to the next 13 years.

  3. That is where we got married too, seven years ago.