Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Day Moments (Monday Listicles #13)

Tomorrow hubby and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  So this week’s Monday Listicles topic couldn’t be more timely - Weddings.

Wow…13 years. I actually can’t believe that we are even old enough to have been married for that long.  Obviously we married young…but that’s not unusual for high school sweethearts right?

So here – in no particular order – are my top memories from my long-ago wedding day:

1. Wedding Rehearsal: We get to the moment where hubby gets to kiss his prize (er I mean BRIDE) and my 4-year-old ring bearer nephew says loudly “Ew Gross!” I totally wish that had happened during the actual ceremony.

2. The Morning Of: My maid of honour and I spent the night before the wedding at my mum’s house and we woke up to a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries.  I remember thinking I should have been more nervous…but I was just excited.  And so relieved it wasn’t raining.  This is Vancouver after all…

3. Getting Gussied: My mum, BFF and I headed to the salon to get our hair done.  Now – as a Leo – I am told that I should be very protective of my mane but I honestly don’t care very much about my hair.  So I really didn’t know what I wanted my hair to look like other than I needed an up-do….other than that I told my hair dresser it was up to her.  Looking back this could have been a major disaster…luckily it turned out well.


4. The Empty Limo: After donning my wedding dress, veil and shoes, sharing a few “awwww” moments with my mum and bridesmaids we headed downstairs to find our limo - with my Dad and nephew inside - and head to the church.  The limo arrives…it’s empty.  Now remember…this is 13 years ago…back when not everyone had a cell phone.  I had no idea where they were…no idea why they weren’t in the limo.  I did not handle that well.

5. We’re early? So – half empty limo arrives at the church and I see tons of people milling about but I only recognize about half of them as friends or family.  Who the h-e-double hockey sticks are all these other people?  Turns out…they were attendees from the wedding before ours.  A wedding that ran long and had not cleared the building the requisite 30 minutes prior to our time as stipulated in their contract.  Once again…I did not handle this particular issue well.

6. Blast from the Past: In addition to raising my blood pressure and heart rate – the late departing wedding did hold one happy surprise.  A friend from my childhood that I had not seen in years was suddenly standing in front of me.  She had been a guest at the other wedding.  We exchanged a hug (very careful not to muss up my hair, makeup, dress and flowers) and shared a quick “what are the odds?” moment and just like that my annoyance evaporated.  I was ready to get married.

7. The First Look:  The hard part about being the bride is that you miss the first part of your own wedding ceremony.  Standing outside the doors waiting for the big entrance I missed the candle lighting by our mothers, the entrance of hubby and his groomsmen and the parade of my own bridal party.  But that’s okay because then we get our own special moment – when the doors open and the music starts and people stand to watch you enter.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling but also very overwhelming.  I was grounded in an instant when I locked eyes with my soon-to-be hubby.  It was one of those moments I will never forget.

8. Speak Up: I don’t like public speaking…I speak too quickly and my face, neck and chest go all blotchy and red. Reciting my wedding vows was no different.  So to overcome my fears I tried to think that I was talking only to hubby.  As a result I spoke so quietly he was pretty much the only one that could even hear me.  At the reception my Nana gave me the gears… “I couldn’t even hear you Kelly.  I mean really, you need to speak up!”  Sorry Nanners…next time. ;)

9. Our Special Moment: After whispering our way through the vows, signing the official papers, and sharing our first kiss as “man and wife” hubby and I exited the church together. We were taken around the corner to the back entrance where we were to wait for our guests to clear out.  We would then exit the church again…but this time to a chorus of cheers and bubbles. In those few minutes of waiting – next to the fire exit door – I told hubby to take off his ring and look inside.  I had had it inscribed with “Te Quiero” – I Love You in Spanish.  I loved this moment because it was like a secret…something that no one else witnessed.  It felt personal and special. 
(Turns out our videographer followed us and actually recorded the whole thing.  So we weren’t alone – but it’s pretty cool to have it on tape.)

10. Bobby Pins!  Hubby and I had decided to honeymoon at DisneyWorld (we were only 22 after all).  So the next day we left for Orlando by way of an overnight in Toronto.  I was pleased that my “up-do” had survived the night and still looked in relatively good shape.  By the time we got to Toronto I was ready to let it down again…so I started to remove the bobby pins that were holding it up.  I kept pulling more and more out to the point where the giant pile of bobby pins was downright comical. If I had gotten married today that giant pile would have been featured on twitter, facebook and instagram. 

Cheesy honeymoon photo op - had to do it.
Hey…look at that…I managed to remember 10!  Way to go me…my memory isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

Happy Anniversary to us.


  1. Loved the special ring moment getting caught on film - how priceless! Oh, and I had that same pile of bobby pins...unbelievable!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I do believe that moment, where you see a long lost friend outside the Church would have helped rid any or all anxiety or frustrations.

  3. Nice list! Happy anniversary! My face, neck, chest do the same thing when I speak in public or am uncomfortable with a question asked me. Ugh! I can't a stand that. Glad to know somebody else in the world does the same thing. :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love that you arrived early and wondered who the guests were!

  5. Happy 13th. I wondered at first how you could be celebrating this big number at such a tender age ;)

  6. I got cut off half way through the comment. Love the ring story, what a sweet moment.