Monday, October 29, 2012

That First Kiss Feeling (Monday Listicles #15)

Oh Monday Listicles…how I have missed you.  Life has just gotten too busy and I have been neglecting one of my favourite Blog linkups.

And I’m very glad that I am back this week because I love the topic – Firsts. I love when the subject matter is so open to interpretation…I mean I could go in so many directions with this post.  And as I considered all my options I kept coming back to one thought…first kisses.

Hubby and I have been together a very long time and while I love him and our life together – the one thing that I miss is that first kiss feeling.  Because that’s something that you can never really get back once you are in a long term relationship.

Even the first kiss after a long separation doesn’t compare to that first electric, hesitant moment so filled with promise and excitement.  I tell you – if some genius could figure out how to bottle that feeling – every woman I know would be lining up to buy it.

So – in honour of that elusive first kiss feeling – here is a list of firsts that I wish I could experience all over again. And don’t worry…I’m not going down a dirty road here…lets stay out of the gutter for this one post shall we?

First Hand Holding:
Very similar to the first kiss…but this is a first tentative touch of skin. Could be just your pinky fingers or maybe it was a full link of all fingers. Either way…total shivers…

not my pinky of course...but you get the picture
First time you got the job you REALLY wanted:
I was 24 and it was my first real office job.  I was over the moon to finally get out of retail and join the huddled masses in a downtown highrise.  I literally jumped for joy after I got off the phone.

First Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant:
Hubby and I were still babies – just 19 when we went for a Valentines Dinner at one of the cities nicest restaurants.  Both of us were in awe of our surroundings.  Especially when our waiter pulled a little metal device from his pocket and use it to neatly clean up our bread crumbs.  Ooh la la indeed.

I googled "crumb sweeper" - it looked just like this. Pure genius.
First Night in Your Own House:
We were way too young when we moved out together – that’s why our first attempt at co-habitation only lasted 4 months – but I loved the feeling of having our own place.  Sure it was decorated using hand me downs from various family members…but it was ours and ours alone. I felt like a real grown up.

Driving off the lot in your first new car:
A black Honda Civic that I LOVED. And no one had to co-sign for us…nope…we qualified for financing for that sucker all on our own.  Another further step into the land of the grown-ups.  And into increasing consumer debt.

First time someone calls you Mrs.:
After the wedding I was excited to change my name on all my identification. It was a long and arduous task but was oh so rewarding the first time I was called by my married name.  That Safeway cashier had no idea the impact she had on me.

First Time in a Foreign Land:
I will never forget the moment when I stepped out of the Gard du Nord Station and onto the streets of Paris.  It was like being transported to a different world. It was vibrant, exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  We were definitely not in Kansas anymore. 

First Positive Pregnancy Test:
We were in a hotel in London on our last hurrah trip to Europe. After 2 negative test the day before in Paris I was desperate for this damn stick to show a plus sign.  And when it did…we were in shock.  We hugged and exclaimed “oh my god” and then we got on with our day as tourists.  The first person we told was the inn keeper as he served us breakfast. He hugged me.  It was cool.

Holding your newborn for the first time:
This is a no brainer of course – what parent could ever forget this feeling.  For me it was so bittersweet in that I had to wait 12 hours to do it. Holding that tiny little bundle was a truly amazing moment because it meant the dawn of a whole new life for me...she made me a mother. 

oh so tiny...
Second time holding your newborn for the first time:
Okay…this is cheating a little bit but there is no way that this doesn’t make the list. The experience with my youngest was so different.  I held her right away…looked into her lovely face…and realized that I could actually love another person as much as I loved my first child.  Up until that point I didn’t think it was possible. And add to that the fact that I was pretty sure we were stopping at two and this would be my last first time holding my was a very emotional moment for sure.

please ignore my bloated, sickly face. focus on lovely newborn face instead.

There you have it…10 firsts I wish I could recreate.  Alas I will have to be content with reliving the memories.

What about you?  Any firsts you wish you could live all over again?  What did I miss?


  1. What a great interpretation of the list! So glad you came back to it. I can still feel the flutters in my stomach from each of these, and each has its own type of flutter.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I do love those little flutters...

  2. I really enjoyed these! The first hand holding is special and doesn't get as much press as the first kiss. And the first time you get to put yourself in debt without involving your parents or a co-signer - priceless.

    1. I don't know if you like blog memes or not, but I gave you a Liebster award because I enjoy reading your blog. If you're interested, it's here:

  3. Yeah, that first kiss, that first apartment... these are just first that you will never forget! I'm still weirded out every time the waiter pulls out that bread crump scraper. Can't really see the sense in that ;-)

    1. Thanks for reading! I think that little crumb scraper is the restaurant's way of reminding you that it's "very expensive" (a la Pretty Woman). :)

  4. What a great list! Those are all amazing firsts :) But yes the first time you buy your very own car without a co-signer is a true sign of adult hood

    1. Thanks Audrey! The irony is that as life comes full circle we might need that co-signer for our next one! ;)

  5. Nice take! You really focused on these seminal, life-changing events that do make your stomach flutter.

    1. Thanks Marie...i'm glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Love the way you crafted this list. This made me giggle: "That Safeway cashier had no idea the impact she had on me."

    I would relive the first time my (now)husband called me his girlfriend (in addition to the moments you had on your list, you picked some good ones).


    1. thanks for reading.

      That's a good one...the moment your significant other publicly recognizes the level of your relationship. :)

  7. Love how you found out about your first pregnancy!! Sweet memories, thanks for sharing.