Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Things I Learned in 2012

1. Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth.

2. Grade 1 attitude is way more annoying than Kindergarten attitude. Even the eye rolls and hands on hips gestures get more pronounced.

3. Blogging makes me really happy and I should have started ages ago. Oh and since most of my readers have found me through a Google search for "turkey clipart" - I know to always have some of that on my blog.

4. I am blessed with amazing friends.  Seriously wonderful people that keep me sane.

5. If you ask your 3 year old to help you pick out "fancy shoes for work" this is what they will choose:

what does she think I do for work?
6. There really does come a point where too much bad news becomes laughable.  Literally. And out loud.

7. Money isn’t everything – but it sure makes everything a lot easier.

8. Shit happens. And sometimes the only thing you can do to make yourself feel better is go out with friends and get really...really drunk.

2 people in this picture had no idea of the fun going on behind them...

9. Project positivity is really hard…but necessary.

10. These 2 faces remind me everyday that I am actually the luckiest woman in the world.

Linking up with Stasha at The Good Life for another great Monday Listicles.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, although perhaps a bit much for your average workplace. You know what they say though: better overdressed than underdressed.

    Turkey clipart, eh? (I can't believe I just typed "eh"; it's bad enough I say it all the time and can't stop). I think the weirdest one I ever had was someone looking for an elephant bookmobile. Because elephants love to read in their spare time.

  2. I am laughing out loud at your daughter's shoe choice for you! That is just awesome! I absolutely love your #6 because I so know what you mean.

  3. Disney World IS the happiest place on earth! Wish I could live there! And those shoes are fabulous! Your daughter has good taste. :)

  4. Your girls are so pretty and happy. By they have terrible taste in foot ware!!