Monday, December 3, 2012

10 Reasons I'm Great

Well this Monday Listicles topic couldn't have come at a better time. I needed this kind of reminder...because really...who doesn't want a chance to puff their chest a little bit now and again.

Here we go - in no particular order - 10 reasons why I rock the party:

1. I always put the needs of other people before me because seeing the people I love happy makes me happy.

2. I'm a great "wing-woman". Take me to a can see for yourself.

3. I'm honest...sometimes to a fault. But I do think honesty is always the best policy.

4. I am a good friend. Someone that will drop anything when I'm needed.

5. I am funny. Really I am...

6. I know my faults. But still find it hard to admit when I'm wrong,

7. I am a great wife. Not in the I-made-you-dinner-here's-your-slippers-and-pipe kind of way. More in the I-recorded-the-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-for-you way.

8. I work hard and give all I have to everything I do. I might not always do it perfectly but the effort is there.

9. I am a speed reader - literally. I was once tested and can read 1600 words per minute (the average is 250-400). My mum had to stop reading to me when I was about 7 because I always finished the page way before her.

And finally...

10. I produce beautiful, talented, loving, sweet and totally amazing kids. (with a little help from dear hubby)

Thanks Stasha for giving me the opportunity to toot my own horn for a change. We should all do it way more often.

Your turn...what makes you great?


  1. Number 7 was great! Everytime I fix something or install a part on my husband's race car, I always turn to him and say, "Men would kill for a wife like me." LOL. Great list!


  2. That is a fab-o list. I especially laughed at the wing-woman term. I wonder how that works.

  3. Love the ecard! Fabulous! I think it's awesome that you can speed read---that is a very useful superpower to have! Erin

  4. Totally with you on #6 and speed reading probably makes for very efficient blog reading!

  5. Love the ecard!! and your list is awesome! love it!

  6. I am really envious of your speed reading abilities!

  7. Haha! #5 made me yes, you are funny!

  8. Love this list. I am an awesome wife but I would not tape VS show ;)