Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letters to Santa (Part 2)

Tonight we made good on our promise to the girls that they could post their letters to Santa in the worlds biggest mailbox. And while the mailbox itself didn't quite garner the amazing response we would have liked - we had ourselves a good ole time anyway.

family self portrait...my fave shot of the night
We started our night with a stop at (where else?) Tim Horton's for a hot beverage and a donut...the necessary fuel for any night of holiday fun in Canada.

All filled up with sugary goodness we headed over to City Hall to check out the parade of trees. 

It was tough to pick a favourite - but in the end both girls decided that the pink tree with the 'Cinderella shoes' was the best.

Congrats River Rock Casino...you hooked 'em in young...
After checking out all the trees -and managing to avoid completely disrupting the Council meeting taking place in the building we headed off to find the famous mailbox.

For the record...I thought it was cool. I mean it was 17 feet tall...that's pretty impressive. The girls on the other hand were decidedly unimpressed. Especially when they realized that they actually put their letters in a regulation size mailbox hidden in the back of said giant mailbox. 

Letters posted we checked out the giant menorah (this they thought was neat) and walked over to the outdoor track and field area.

Once they had run a little track...
on your mark...get set...GO!
We moved on to take a stroll under some "pinky flies" aka Christmas lights. Where I let both girls take a few photos with my phone.

And then it was time to head home. We took a few detours on the drive looking for impressive Christmas light displays and by the time we got home the girls were both exhausted.

All in all we had a great time...and with a price tag of around $8 (for donuts and hot cocoa) that was money well spent.

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