Saturday, December 15, 2012

Music to my ears...

Both my girls have been practicing for days in preparation for their concerts this week.  Oldest has definitely worked harder though...she is nervous about the increased size of the audience now that she's in elementary school.

Hubby and I both took the day off so we could attend the matinee performance without youngest daughter in tow.  Not having to watch over a 3 year old would make actually watching the show a lot easier.

We arrived at 10:30 and secured our front row seats. 

i swear all school Christmas concert stages look the same...
I have to admit I love school Christmas concerts. I loved attending the concerts for my nephew and youngest cousin before I had kids of my own.

One thing you can always count on at an elementary school concert is a good laugh at the expense of the freshman band. I totally get that they have only been playing their instrument for a few weeks.  And I also understand that they are trying their best.

But it is still freakin' funny!  My all time favourite moment is when a song starts out soft and mellow - maybe just with flutes and clarinets - and then the brass and drum sections come blaring in and almost blast you out of your seat.

this year the song that put me over the edge was Hot Cross Buns.  Oh. My. God.

So parents of kids in the band...don't get offended when you see other laughing (some so hard that they are actually crying)'s nothing personal against your child. It's just funny.

Anywho...I digress.  After the band had mercilessly finished (even my youngest asked if her sister would sing "after all this noise is over...") it was time to welcome the kids from grades K-4 to the stage.

Now...the trouble every parent has with concerts like this is we have no earthly idea where our children will be positioned on the stage.  And in a choir situation (such as this one) if they wound up in the middle of a row then you have little hope of getting a clear shot.

For once - luck was actually on our side.  When oldest strode out on stage she ended up at the end of the row closest to us. Jackpot!

She - and her friends - sang their little hearts out to tunes about Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa. I couldn't stop beaming with pride at my 'little' girl who looked so decidedly grown up.

We repeated it all again for the evening performance and took T with us as well. She was surprisingly well behaved...even dancing along with her sister and (prematurely) singing the last note of the final song.

The next day it was time for dear youngest to shine on the stage.  This daycare Christmas  Concert marked her first public performance and she was very excited about playing the role of Cupid. 

Given the tragic events of that morning in Newtown, Connecticut all of us parents were feeling all that more connected to our children...and so grateful to have them there and performing.  I suspect many of the tears shed that day had little to do with the performance going on in front of us...

that said...with this lovely moment in front of me my heart was truly full...

I look forward to all of the many Christmas Concerts in our future...and I plan on laughing at the band at each one.  Even if my own kid is playing in it.

Call it a twisted holiday tradition...

how did I get so lucky?

I know I'm cheating a little on my Monday Listicles here...but the topic was anything consider this my top 3 musical moments from this Christmas season! :)


  1. Beginning band makes my heart swell! Thank you for posting that video! This was just a lovely, adorable post. Ellen

  2. I was one of those lucky "band" parents. My husband & I used to shake from laughing so hard so could never get any usable video. We always remember the teacher introducing a "medley of Christmas songs" and not being able to tell when one finished and the next one started. Baahaahaa.

  3. Oh my goodness the cuteness!!! school concerts are hilarious! and the kids are so cute!

  4. Wonderful. You must be so proud!!! Merry Christmas xo