Monday, December 24, 2012

My tree tells a story... (Monday Listicles)

I am very honoured that Stasha took my suggestion for this weeks Monday Listicles. This weeks topic is one i have always wanted to write about and I can't wait to read everyone else's posts about it.

Every year when we trim the Christmas Tree and I open all the ornaments I am reminded that each and every one has a story. And I love to relive them and to tell my girls about them.

One of the best traditions my mum started for my brother and I was to put a keepsake ornament in our stocking every year. She started it back in 1981 when I was just 4 and I am so glad to have all of those great reminders from my younger years.

When hubby and I first started dating I told him very clearly that he was expected to continue my mums tradition. And he has done so very successfully.

And of course when our girls were born I knew that we would make sure to do the same for them.

The result is a tree that tells the story of my stages. As a child, pre-motherhood and now with children of my own.

And here are 10 of my favourites:

1. Our First Christmas Together - I bought this back in 1995 for the first Christmas hubby and I spent together. Of course he was just my boyfriend back then...and look how cute (and young) we were.

2. Angels in Training - I got this ornament back in 2002 and it is one of my faves. Growing up I had a picture of these 3 angels on my wall with this poem:
"Fold my hands and bow my head, 
Don't chatter while the prayer is said, 
Quit squirming till they say 'Amen', 
Uh-oh, my halo slipped...again."
I like to think I'm the angel on the right...

3. 1999 - my mum made this ornament r for us the year we were married. She used one of my favourite candid shots from our wedding day. I love it.

4. Feliz Navidad - this is the first ornament that I bought for boyfriend (now hubby). He is from Mexico and I thought it was so perfect I'm sure I squealed in delight when I first saw it at Hallmark. A great start to his collection.

5. Snowflake on Skates- this was his first ornament to me...and it remains one of my all time favourites. On the box he wrote "this reminded me of the pictures of you as a little girl. Merry Christmas to you on our first Christmas together." Awwww...

6. My 1st Ornament- I was only 2 but my artistic genius was clearly evident. Whoops...that should have said "lack of" artistic genius. When I paint ornaments now they still look like this.

7. Handprint - you know all those things you do for our first child that you forget to do for your second. This is a prime example. I'm so glad to have this handprint of my oldest on her 1st Christmas but it makes me a feel guilty that my youngest doesn't have one too.

8. Tower of London Angel - when hubby and I travel (which isn't nearly as often as I'd like) I usually look for a Christmas ornament to commemorate our trip. This little angel is from the Tower of London...sadly she didn't survive the return trip unscathed. But that little bit of crazy glue on her wing just makes her more unique.

9. Snowball Fight - I bought this last year on a trip to Bellis Fair. I loved that it has all our family on it and is personalized. I also love that both my kids are perfectly portrayed....right down to the toque falling down over little Téa's eyes.

10. Their 1st Ornaments - and of course...I wouldn't be a proud parent without including the first ornaments my lovely girls made. Cue the final "awwwwww...."

I can't wait to add to my collection...and to continue to grow the ones for my girls.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all enjoy your time with your friends and loved ones.


  1. What beautiful stories and ornaments! I love looking at memories on the tree. Great topic suggestion for this week's Listicle!

  2. You do your tree the way I do mine. Because Erin and I shared the post, it was hard to pick just 5. I wish I had put our wedding one on it, yours was so special. And I didn't even get into all of the ornaments that my kids have made. Ellen

  3. I always love reading your blogs Kelly & not just because I'm your very proud Mum. This one really got me teary eyed. Little did I know as I sat sewing Christmas stockings with little keepsake pockets on the front,for you and your brother, that all these years later it would become a family tradition! I love knowing that in Christmases to come, when my grandchildren are grown with children of their own, the keepsake ornaments will still be a special moment on Christmas Day. Love you. Merry Christmas Eve. Mum xxoxx

  4. I love the Snowflakes on Skates ornament. So cute!!

  5. I started doing this when our boys were born. Sadly I peetered out after about 5 years when I discovered they were more interested in playing with the empty rolls of wrapping paper than decorating the tree. *sigh*

    I love all your decorations and will live vicariously through you. Have a wonderful Christmas!