Monday, December 31, 2012

My year according to Twitter

I must admit...I took the easy option on this weeks Monday Listicles by choosing "Top 10 Tweets". I chose it mainly because I liked that it was in keeping with the whole year in review theme. (And that it didn't require me to research any photos on items from the 1980s which I know would have sucked me into the Pinterest vortex for hours...)

I joined the world of twitter in  April of 2011 and since then have sent 3,099 tweets.  Now I'm no math expert but my calculator tells me that works out to about 5 tweets a day...

And having just read through all of my entries for 2012 I realize just how many were pretty much useless. It reminded me of the Louis CK quote about his 5 year old and how he could delete everything she had ever said to him and his life would be no different.  Much the same could be said of my twitter feed.

That said...there were a few gems that either made me smile, laugh or recall fond memories:
(And yes...I posted more than 10.  I was feeling rebellious.)

Who knew you could say so much in just 140 characters...

Thanks to Kate at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine for the great topic suggestion.

See you next year!


  1. I like Comic Sans if it's a comic or something written by a 5 year old.

    Did the cupcakes survive?

    1. I hear you...this was in reference to Comic Sans as part of a business presentation. Not cool.

      I am pleased to report there was only one cupcake casualty. I'm still not sure how there weren't more.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. These were awesome. Chuckled all the way through. Work that roundhouse kick, Girl!

  3. Oh my the what is love is beyond precious!!! Happy 2013!!