Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Putting a brick on their head...

It was another busy weekend for our household - and as the holidays come closer I don't anticipate that will change much.

Saturday started off the way it has since September...with a trip across town with my youngest for her ballet class.  I love being in the car alone with her...she sings silly songs and asks silly (and sometimes very insightful) questions and generally just makes me smile with her outlook on life.

As she skipped ahead of me on the sidewalk heading to class I was suddenly struck with the realization that she was - no doubt about it - a little girl.  There was no baby left in her anymore...and no toddler as well.  My baby was growing up.

I think that these milestones hit me harder with her because she is my youngest and will also be out last child.  So every one of these moments comes with a sense of finality that is both heart-wrenching and a relief.  I am very happy with my 2 children and have no desire for more...so I guess I need to stop being sad over what time has passed and look forward to what is yet to come.

But if I could...I'd put a brick on their heads just to slow the process down a little bit.  Give my brain (and my emotions) time to catch up with reality.

she always asks me to save her a sip of my tea for after class. How can I say no?
After ballet we were off to experience another big milestone - my oldest was performing in her first recital with her Musical Theatre class.  She had been practicing for months and was very excited.

(sidenote rant time - her school had requested that only parents attend the recital due to lack of seating.  When we arrived it was clear we were the only parents that followed this rule - the place was full of grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, neighbours, etc.  We wound up stuck in the back row straining to catch a glimpse of our daugther as the front rows were occupied by the 37 members of one kid's extended family.  I mean really...I think that is the rudest thing that parents can do. If you are going to invite your local butcher and the guy that cuts your grass...you can at least as them to sit in the back row...)

Seating challenges aside we were able to snap a few pictures and capture her performances on video. (thank go for my iphone since we realized that morning our camera was MIA).  She was completely in her element.  it was easy to see the kids that were enjoying themselves but didn't love what they were doing.  Not the case for our girl - she is theatre material for sure!

so focused...

post-performance sisterly love

After her awesome performance we let her choose our lunch destination.  No surprise here - she asked for sushi. Such a west coast girl.

With our tummies full the consensus was we all needed a nap.We settled for making a bed on the living room floor and watching 'How the Grinch Stole the Christmas' with a nice cup of hot chocolate. A perfect way to relax on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Sunday morning I woke up to the sounds of hubby rattling around in the kitchen and the kids - well - being kids. I rolled over groaning, figuring that it had to be before 8am.  And was shocked that it was actually 9:07!  What a lovely surprise.

And all that banging around that hubby was doing resulted in this:

hello bacon...

So I forgave him that little bit of noise he made. 

We spent the rest of our day getting ready to make our house looked like Christmas puked all over it.  First order of business was a trip down to the dusty, dark and scary storage locker.  The girls were equal parts excited and terrified at the process but like brave little soldiers (with flashlights firmly gripped in their hands) they led the way.

When we came back up - after only shutting them in the storage locker once (which i think shows great restraint on the part of hubby and I) - we emerged with 4 massive rubbermaid containers, 2 wreaths, and 1 nativity set in a box.

Over the next few hours furniture was moved to accommodate the tree, outdoor lights were (half) installed and the Christmas Advent calendar was up. The girls - depsite initial enthusiasm - really cared very little for the whole process except the last part.  And once their days were done so where they.

Finally it was time to head to swimming. Our family swim is my favorite part of the weekend.  I wish my iphone was water proof so I could capture just how much fun we have in the pool.  Both girls have lessons at 5pm so we try to get to the pool about an hour before to have lots of time to swim together.

I am so happy that my kids are water babies...

While the girls were in their lesson and hubby had set off to wait for a family changeroom (serioulsly 4 is simply not enough) I decided to swim some laps.  I have been decidedely un-active over the past few months and feeling like a big lump of un-healthiness as a result.

I forgot how much I love to swim - in the little time that I had before lessons ended - I managed 10 lengths of the pool.  Front crawl, breastrstroke and (my personal fave) the backstroke.  It was great!  I will have to get myself back to the pool again soon.

and that was that...another weekend in the books.  One where I lamented my babies growing up and at the same time celebrated their major milestones.

Parenting is a balance of putting on a brave face and letting your emotions show...the trick is figuring out when you should do which.

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  1. MMM bacon!! Your post was a great reminder to enjoy the moment and not be in a rush for my babies to grow up.