Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adios 2012

There are no words adequate enough to express how happy I am that 2012 is over. So bitter am I that I actually do hope the door hits 2012 on the ass on the way out.

Save for one glorious week in February...spent at the happiest place on earth...there have been very few high points this year.  When I look back on the year I think about stress and anxiety and constant challenges.

That said - we wanted to say good bye to the year in appropriate fashion. And we felt that spending the night with our kids was the best way to do it.  And so we all headed over to our good friends house for the evening - where the kids could all play together while us grown ups munched on appies and drank.

And it was the perfect way to celebrate.
all the kids - watching the Grinch - to start the night.
obligatory selfie of me and my oldest.
we moved the kids upstairs to watch a movie so they would stop shushing us.
me and hubby (with youngest pretending to sleep between us)

can i get in trouble for posting this? oh was only one sip.

they made it to midnight!
and not much longer after that...
This short video is my favourite little reminder of the night.  With my girls and their friends watching the ball drop at midnight for the first time...their excitement...and the anticlimactic champagne cork.

The kids were finally tucked into bed around 1am and we hoped for a nice late sleep in.  Alas...youngest was up at 8:30.  After several days of being stuck indoors by the bad weather we took advantage of the sun and took the kids - along with some friends to the playground - to let them get their "googies" out.

carefully crossing the street...
mountain climber in the making
"look what I can do mummy!"
my little card shark.

This little bit of fresh air kept us sane...

So here's to 2013...may it be infinitely better than it's predecessor.  And bring positivity, love, health and happiness to my little family and everyone I love.

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