Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coming up for air

I’ve learned many things over the past two weeks and one of them is that all work and no play makes for a really boring blog.

I’ve wanted to write…so many times I sat down to start writing but exhaustion always won out.  I was simply too drained to compose a thought and always opted for bed instead.

It has been a marathon 14 days.  From the moment the NHL announced a deal had been struck…until the puck finally dropped on Saturday night…my colleagues and I have been working until late into the night to get ready.  And that meant missing dinner time and bed time and quality time with my family.

To their credit…they were awesome about it.  I told my girls that mummy would have to be working a lot for the next 2 weeks and they “understood”.  Hubby was great too…even cutting me slack when I forgot I had told him I’d be home in time for him to get to soccer practice.

Fast forward to day 9 of my marathon. I decided – after a particularly stressful and very late night – that I would go in a little later and take my oldest daughter to school.  That meant we got to have breakfast together – my first meal with them in several days.

As we sat eating pancakes and cereal and toast (why do they never want to eat the same thing?) my oldest daughter turned to me and – very seriously – said:

“okay Mummy…it’s time you came home for dinner again.”

Guilt immediately flooded through me and I stammered something like “I know sweetie…I really want to be here…but I’m very busy…and people are relying on me…and it’s only a few more days…”

Lame I know...and she was having none of it.

She held up her hand in a stop gesture and said “That’s enough mummy…that’s enough.”

Ah from the mouths of babes comes the sweetest truth and perspective.

And so I promised her that I would be home for dinner that night. And by god I had all intentions of doing so.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

In the end I managed to keep my promise in a roundabout, sneaky way by asking hubby to bring them to the office for a visit and we had dinner nearby. It was the best I could do.

So here I sit…in my living room next to the box of Christmas ornaments that is practically screaming at me to put it all away…staring a blog that hasn’t been updated in way too long…and finally starting to feel that life is getting back to normal.

I’ve spent 2 full days with my girls and have been reminded how awesome they are, how much I love them…and my god…how much energy they have!  It’s been non stop – and that’s with little one currently fighting off her 3rd ear infection in a month!

Looking forward to a return to normal 9-5 workdays and enjoying the best of both my worlds…

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