Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend in Pictures - January edition

Another busy weekend is in the was back too...but that took a back seat to family life.

Friday night was rough - with little one up several times complaining that her ear hurt again.  So we were up early and headed to the clinic to get it checked out.

this is starting to look way too familiar
Sure enough - it was another ear infection.  Her third one in a month. We left the clinic with a prescription for more antibiotics and headed over to Chapters for some book therapy and hot chocolate at Starbucks:

how cute are they?
The rough night soon caught up with little T and she fell asleep in my lap at lunch:

So we headed home where she could sleep a little more comfortably.

Sunday was a much better day.  We had breakfast together as a family before hubby had to head off for soccer. 

my awesome Secret Santa gift was a hit..bear shaped pancakes? yes please!

It was way too cold to stick around at the soccer we hit up the pet store for a little browsing and met a new reptilian friend.

They thought he was pretty darn cool.  But never asked if we could bring him home. Smart kids...

So all in all, ear infection was another pretty good weekend.

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