Monday, January 28, 2013

When I grow up I wanna be...

After missing way too many weeks of my favourite linkup I'm back and loving this week’s topic.

Wendy from Twisted Domestic Goddess set the challenge – 10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT AS A CHILD YOU WOULD DO/BE.

Oh man...does this really have to be a list of just 10? Because I remember my life's ambition changing at the drop of the hat (usually tied in with whatever book I happened to be reading at the time.)

It was so wonderful to be young and carefree with my future was yet to be determined and everything was still a possibility. I see this now in my oldest daughter who tells us daily of her new ambitions – ballerina, rock star, writer, chef, inventor, scientist.

I love the look on her face as she talks about it. I remember that look…all about potential.

To that end - here is my list of “potential" careers that never came to be:

1. Teacher - this wins the award for most recurring wannabe career.

2. Singermore specifically I wanted to be Jem and be truly, truly, truly outrageous.

What girl didn't want to be her?
3. Baker/Chef – thank you Easy Bake Oven for making it seem well…easy.

4. Detective - all Nancy Drew's fault.

5. Gymnast – always my favorite sport in the summer Olympics.  But I always knew that my chest size was never going to let this dream become a reality.

6. Swimmer – my 2nd favourite Olympic sport.  See above.

7. Astronaut – a fleeting aspiration centered around the freeze-dried ice cream my aunt brought me from NASA.  I quickly decided I liked the non-freeze dried kind much better plus I was scared of heights.

doesn't it look delicious?

8. Actress – in grade 4 I tried out for Lucy in the school play “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.  I didn’t get it.  It still hurts.

9. Race Car Driver – I grew up at the race track so this one is no surprise. The only part of this aspiration I still have is my lead foot and insistence on having a stick shift in my car

10. Sports Journalist – it was this dream that propelled me in to journalism school.  The reality that faced me upon graduation was moving to a small town (probably in Saskatchewan) and working on a paper there to earn my bones.  So I went into marketing instead…

And the rest as they say…is history.  I’m not unhappy with where I am today…but making this list has really made me wish I had stuck with just one of these dreams to see if I could have made it happen.

Thanks Stasha for another great list…


  1. Great list! Teacher was my most recurring wannabe career, too. #7 made me laugh. That astronaut ice cream *was* good. :)

  2. JEM! Holy cow!! I LOVED JEM! I found reruns of JEM on cable the other day and about crapped. Seriously stopped everything I was doing and sat down to watch. It was epic!

  3. Yes! Jem! I totally wanted to be her. I even had the doll. Her style was fabulous '80s. I wonder if the cartoon is still out there.

  4. I discovered dancing as an adult and had a period of mourning for the dancer I would have become if I had been introduced to it earlier. Maybe it was for the best though - a DD hourglass figure isn't popular in the dance world anymore than for swimming or gymnastics. Darn boobs!

  5. I had no idea Jem had so much influence, she's popping up all over the lists. I wanted to be an astronaut too.