Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Look into my purse. I dare you!

This weeks Listicle suggested by the hilarious Ducky from Batcrap Crazy at is a bit of a pandora’s box…I mean telling people what’s in my purse is kind of like baring my soul.  It’s private…and just plain ridiculous at the same time.

it really is way too big...

I used to carry an itty-bitty purse.  Then every store started offering member cards and I had to get a bigger wallet…ergo…a bigger purse.

Then I had kids and the giant wallet – now filled with coupons for diapers, formula and cheerios – was carelessly thrown into the diaper bag.  No more purse for me.

Then my kids grew out of bottles and diapers and baby food jars and snacks and wipes and toys…and I got to carry a purse again.  The urge to fill it with crap however never went away…

So – without further adieu – let the soul-baring begin…

Wallet – okay, I got rid of the monstrosity when I realized that (most of) the member cards were useless.  I bought this awesome Matt & Nat wristlet (I love that word) on one of my girls weekends up in Whistler.  It’s perfect.  Fits all my cards, a lipstick and my phone (when needed).

i love it..
Makeup Bag – this is probably the heaviest thing I carry in my bag and I never, ever use it. Not that I don’t need make up…trust me I do.  I just never think to reapply it. Everything in here is either brand new or so old it’s turned toxic.

Coupon Keeper – okay…this is one of those things that I was so excited to find in the buck fifty bin at Michael’s. I was sure it was going to revolutionize my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Now my coupons are all wonderfully organized…but I completely forget to check in the damn thing and as a result…they are all expired. Sigh…

Lip Balm – well…to be exact…there are 5 of them. I’m addicted.  It happens…

Comb – obviously.

Hand Sanitizer – this one is watermelon scented and encased in a hideous tie-dyed rubber case that my youngest insisted I buy at Bath & Body Works. The things we do for our kids.

Business Cards – huh…what are those doing in there?

Kleenex – some of it in a travel pack, some loose and some McDonald’s napkins.  Because…you never know.

Empty Tupperware container – I’m sure this contained a snack for one of my kids at some point. Not sure how long ago or what it had in it though.  Sometimes its better not to ask these questions.  The important thing is that it’s not leaking anything.

Sleeves – not the kind off a t-shirt – but the coffee cup kind.  One Starbucks and one Tim Horton’s. I have no brand loyalty.

There you have it.  I’m kind of disappointed that there wasn’t anything more shameful or embarrassing. My soul is actually pretty boring…

Oh well…it’s always good to have a goal! Ask me again in a few weeks…I’m working on the shame-factor.

Thanks again Stasha…let’s do this all again next week. 

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  1. I have my coffee sleeve in my car. And snack containers. And lip balm, Kleenex.... I am starting to realize my minivan is my purse...