Monday, February 18, 2013

The Evolution of Valentines Day

So I already confessed that I'm not a big fan of Halloween...and truth be told Valentine's Day is another holiday that really doesn't do anything for me.

Now...I'm all for love and for showing the love of your life that they are - in fact - the love of your life. What I don't get is why we need a specific date to tell  us to do that?  It feels wrong to me...

When hubby and I were young and newly in love we honoured Valentine's Day with all of the traditions.  Sappy cards, roses, expensive dinners at crowded restaurants, etc. etc.

As the years went by we started going to cheaper restaurants and the rose delivery stopped. The allure of the day was fading...understandably so.

I still remember vividly when we both decided that Valentines Day was just another day.  It was 2007 - our first daughter was 10 months old - and hubby and I realized that we had both forgotten to buy Valentine's Day cards for each other.  So we walked up to the local drug store to buy cards.  I told him to wait in a separate aisle while I picked his...and I did the same while he chose mine.

So there we were...standing feet apart in a drugstore with these $7 cards in our hands. And in that instant we both knew that buying the cards was a foolish waste of money.  Instead - I handed him his card, he read it, told me he loved me, and gave me a kiss. Then I read his, told him I loved him too and gave him a kiss.

Then we spent the $14 on magazines instead.

Now before you feel sad for me and think the spark has gone out of my marriage...don't worry it hasn't.  We just don't need a specific day to say I Love You.

I put love notes in hubby's lunch box, he sends me a text message on a random Tuesday that simply says "I Love You" and we make sure to have date nights as often as possible.  So we're all good...

And on this - our 17th (!) Valentine's Day together - I am happy to report that we did indeed go out for dinner.

To Swiss Chalet. With the kids.  And it was awesome:

I couldn't ask for better dates...

Of course, now that I am a parent there is a lot more work to do to prepare for this day.  Last year I was astounded at the number of treats that my oldest came home with from Kindergarten.  I mean was incredible...chocolates, rice krispie treats shaped like hearts, home-made cookies, lollipops...the list goes on and on.

And as much as I may not like what this holiday has become I was pretty horrified that my daughter was one of the few kids that just gave a paper Valentine. I was clearly shown up by the other parents that day.

Not so much this year...I was bound and determined to make sure that my daughter's gave out something good. And so I did what every other modern mother would do - I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

and once again felt completely inadequate...sigh...

There are some seriously talented parents out there that have way too much time on their hands. I was overwhelmed by my choices...which idea should I copy?

I knew I didn't want to give out any sugary treats - lollipops are the only candy not allowed in our house - so I tried to just look at the better crafty ideas.  And I found one that I immediately loved:

Credit: Bits of Everything Blog

I needed to make 43 to have enough for both daughter's classmates. Luckily I found all the supplies at the dollar store so it cost me less than $10. They were so simple to make and we had a blast making them.

Required materials:
- foam hearts
- pencils (Cars/Spiderman for the boys, pink & purple hearts for the girls)
- sheet of labels with space for girls to sign their names
- x-acto knife (to cut the slits for the pencils)

I cut the slits in the hearts for the pencil to go in while the girls diligently signed their names on their own sheets of labels.
Littlest actually managed to sign 3 of her labels with her full name before I took over.  I was pretty impressed...
...and she was very proud!
Oldest loved putting them all together. Red hearts were for the boys and pink for the girls.
Voila...the finished product.

Not too shabby.  I wonder what Pinterest will have us make next year?

Oh...and I almost forgot the best Valentine's Day gift of all:

She was our Valentine this year...her note to us read:

Yes my love...I will be yours...always.

Hmmm...maybe this day does still mean something after all...

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