Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A very good week indeed

It's week 2 for me and my new routine and so far I am happy to report that Week 1 was a complete success. I feel better, I have more energy and on Sunday night -when  I dared to weigh myself - I discovered I had dropped 5 pounds in one week! All due to making sensible and realistic and easy to handle changes. Oh...and working my ass off.

I expected a rough week. I thought I'd be dreaming about donuts. I figured the last thing I would feel like doing at the end of the day would be going for a run.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

Let's start with my new exercise routine.  In my first week I worked out 7 times. I wish I could say I did at least 30 minutes of cardio every day but the truth is I missed Tuesday.  So I worked out twice on Wednesday instead. That's right...twice...in one day. Trust me...no one was more surprised than me that day.

When I first committed to training for a 5K run I was very happy to have two good friends offer to run with me. I knew I would be much more committed to the program with two other people holding me accountable.  But I was a little nervous too.

I was worried I would be holding them back. That they would be annoyed at my slow pace and want to run ahead. I'm learning that I really don't give the people I love enough credit.

Yes...it's clear that both of them could run much faster than I do. But they don't even try. They let me set the pace and are full of encouragement. Jaime is always quick with a "Way to go Kel!" when our running interval is finished and I am fighting to breathe. And Lindsay - already a great runner - jogs beside us distracting me from the pain of my shin splints with funny stories.

Man I love these ladies...

Last week we were facing the reality of our first run in the rain. One of those awful Vancouver days where it's raining sideways and windy and cold. It would have been so easy to say...maybe I will run tomorrow instead.  And then I got this text:

And boy did we get wet. It was rainy. It was windy. It even hailed a little bit. At the end of the run we couldn't feel the left side of our faces. But we had done it.

I hit up the gym on Saturday morning with my girls. It's important to me that they are part of this process. I want them to see my hard work and to understand the reason why I am making these changes.  I want them to be proud of me.

At the end of my workout, sweating and out of breath I dropped to the mat to stretch.  Immediately my oldest daughter came running over and said "I will stretch with you Mummy...we can do it together."

I mean...really...there were no words. And then just today - after electronically punching me in the face last week - Foursquare and I made up.

Now let's talk food. What I have quickly realized is that by not depriving myself - and instead making sensible choices - I don't have overwhelming cravings. I might still have a cookie...but I will have one instead of 3. Nice to meet you willpower...where have you been my whole life?

Case in point, late night shopping trips used to be my downfall. I always managed to walk out with a baked good of some kind or a chocolate bar to eat on the way home. Not this week.  When I got home and unpacked my shopping bags there wasn't a baked good in sight.

And now to the best news of the week. Well so far...I mean it is only Tuesday.

Early in my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and have been on medication ever since. My doctor kept telling me that losing 20 pounds might be all it would take to get me off the medication.

Today she had to take my blood pressure three times before she really believed it. After just 8 days on my new regime my blood pressure was 122/84. The lowest it had been since before I had kids.  And oh so agonizingly close to that perfect 120/80 reading.

After asking me to outline what I was doing differently and what my goals were...she gave me a new goal. "I've only ever had 2 patients that managed to get themselves off their blood pressure medication." she told me. "I want you to be the third."

Don't worry Doc...I got this.


  1. Wow. Keep up the good work. All Three of you girls must have very awesome and supportive husbands. I mean, you should all do something very nice for them for all the support they give you.

  2. I've enjoyed catching up with you indirectly through your wonderful blog. Read about 6 entries on my lunch! I'm so very proud of you - what an achievement. I'll have to bring my running shoes home for Christmas so we can go for a run... maybe not. ;)
    Lots of love from over the pond. xx V.