Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 1...

Day 1 is in the books folks...and it was a good day indeed.

me and my awesome running partner on day 1
My alarm went off a little earlier than usual and I didn't even hit snooze...it was straight into the kitchen to get my morning smoothie going.

The night before I had prepped my new morning drink - after researching so many recipes - I decided to make a new creation. A banana, some yogurt, a handful of blueberries, some ice cubes and of course...some spinach.

I'm not going to lie...as I watched my Magic Bullet blend up that spinach I was skeptical.  I mean all the smoothie "experts" had said "trust me...you can't taste the spinach when you mix it all up." But I still had my doubts...but I pressed on.

The noise of the blender woke both children and they came running because the blender usually means milkshakes.Imagine their disappointment when they saw the greenish mush I was pouring into my travel bottle (bought especially for my morning smoothies.)

All it took was one sip and I was convinced.  You really can't taste the spinach and a smoothie is the best way tot start the day.  And in the end my oldest finally tried it and LOVED it.  Little one was having none of it.

As part of my whole "don't try to do it all at once" mantra I packed healthy snacks but decided to buy my lunch at work rather than commit to a Lean Cuisine or something similar. All in good time...

One old practice I did re-commit to was a food journal.  For the past 2 years I have been paying $9.95 a month to maintain an account on My Food Diary (don't tell my hubby...)

I am a big fan of MFD.  It's easy to use, gives great advice and provides daily kudos for jobs well done. encouragement. And they let you maintain a "fridge" of your most common foods as well as build your own recipes for meals. You can also track your exercise routine, water consumption and weight and measurements (if you are brave enough).

So - to recap so far - healthy smoothie for breakfast, nutritious snack options for the day and committing to a food journal again.  A pretty good start.

On my lunch break - after a healthy-ish sandwich - I took a drive to scout out the nearest 30 Minute Hit location.  I joined the Hit back in 2011 and am still a big believer in the benefits of this 30 Minute boxing and kickboxing circuit. I expect that 30 Minute Hit will play a big role in my transformation.

I was truly thrilled to find a Hit location about 8 minutes from my office...and it's open until 1pm on Mon/Wed/Fri which makes it a perfect lunchtime workout option.  If my co-workers don't mind me coming back to work sweaty and gross that is. What could go wrong there?

I came home to dinner with the hubby and the kids and my anxiety was starting to build as 8pm drew nearer...for that marked the time my friend Jaime would be at my door ready to do our first run in our 5K training program.

I had downloaded an app called 'Ease into 5K' which gave me an 11 week training program - running 3 times a week. For Week 1 we were to run for 60secs and walk for 90secs - repeating this 9 times.  Part of me thought it was ridiculous to be dreading running 9 minutes over the course of 30 but I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

And you know what - it wasn't. I got shin splints, my hip hurt and I was out of breath pretty quickly.  But I LOVED every minute of it because I was finally doing something about it.  And having a friend there doing it with me was a big incentive.

We chatted - when we could breathe and talk at the same time - and then ran/walked in companionable silence when we couldn't.

And in no time...we were done. My "coach" (who in the app has a lovely British accent) was telling us to cool down. We had done it.

After rushing home and sending hubby off to his soccer practice - he commented on how cool it was that I had just been running where he was going to go running! - I sat down to complete the day's details on My Food Diary.

And this was my reward for a great day 1:

That "if every day were like today..." part is some good motivation right there...as were all the awesome likes and comments I got from friends and family on Facebook after posting that I had finished day 1.

Today is a rest day and I am off to dinner with two of my favourite girls...ready to get back on the running program tomorrow.  Taking this all one day at a time.

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