Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Photo - Walking in the old 'hood

When my oldest daughter was first born we lived in a little house in a very lovely neighbourhood on the west side of Vancouver.  Hubby and I had moved into the house about a month after we got married and we loved it. 

The only thing it lacked was a backyard to play in - so we had to make the neighbourhood our "backyard" instead.  And that wasn't hard. 

When Malia learned how to walk - and inevitibly got tired of doing "laps" around our house - we took her outside and let her do laps around the neighbourhood instead.

She loved it.  There was one stretch of the street where each apartment had it's own little sidewalk leading to a locked gate. Malia insisted on checking each gate...

Sadly none of them ever opened...but she never stopped trying.

Look at that little pout...

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