Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monkeys & Card Sharks

Now that I have a job that doesn't consume my entire life I am enjoying a lot more quality time with my lovely girls.

They are both growing up so fast I find myself constantly wanting to freeze time.  Every day they look older and taller...and their little personalities and funny quirks warm my heart.

On Sunday - on a rare March day of brilliant sunshine - we went to watch Daddy play soccer. Unfortunately the other team didn't show up so there was no soccer to watch. Fortunately there was a great playground right next to the soccer field.

Then on Monday night the sun was still out after dinner to so headed down for some long overdue park time.  Where my littlest monkey showed off for me:

Then it was back inside for baths and a few rounds of Monopoly Deal.

She cleaned me out big time.

These moments are ever-so-fleeting and I am realizing more and more how special they are.  Every book read together, every morning cuddle, every kiss goodnight...

Life is good.

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