Monday, March 11, 2013

What's That Smell?

Ahh...the sense of smell...such a double edged sword. It can transport you back to a moment in the past you had long forgotten, bring back emotions you hadn't felt in a while...and also make you wish you were anywhere but in that moment. Especially when you are changing dirty diapers.

But for this week...let's forget about the bad smells...and as I'm sure Kerry from New2Two had intended for this week's Monday Listicles...I'm going to just focus on the good smells.

Here - as usual in no particular order except the order I remember them in - are my favourite smells:

Newly Sharpened Pencils - okay...I will admit it...every time I'm in a stationary store I find myself coveting the electric pencil sharpeners. It's a good thing they are so expensive...otherwise all of the pencils in our house would be sharpened down to nothingness.

Joop - my hubby's cologne of choice in those key high school years.  One sniff of it and I'm back in the hallways standing at my locker next to him...enhaling deeply.

Cooked Onions - what is about them?  No matter how full you may be...the smell of cooked onions makes you hungry once again.

Freshly Brewed Coffee - more specifically...freshly ground coffee beans.

Books (especially old Library books) - I will never fully convert to ePublications for this exact reason. Unless technology can find a way to recreate this smell for me.  So I really shouldn't say never.

Rain - especially summer rain...and loving the smell of rain is pretty much a requirement when you live in Vancouver.

Baking - especially fresh bread. Or cupcakes. Or brownies. Or cookies. get the picture.

Clean Laundry - especially when it's clean sheets on a freshly made bed.  Thank you Bounty dryer sheets in clean linen da bomb.

The Ocean - again...a no brainer when you live on the coast. And when you are lucky enough to combine the smell of the ocean with the sound of the's total sensory gold.

Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo - fresh out of the bath baby head.  Enough said.

And there you have it...all of the smells that make me want to breathe deeper...

Thanks for another great topic Stasha...see you next week.


  1. Oh, I love my kid's hair after a bath too. I always inhale deeply when they get out of the tub. Gotta love anything baked. That photo is adorable!

  2. That's different...the scent of newly sharpened pencils is nice. Oh wow - just had an elementary school

    I really like the scent of the pink baby lotion.

    I have to agree...baking period just smells good.

  3. I'm with you on the books, love that smell. Clean laundry is the best especially if you didn't have to do it. LOL