Sunday, March 17, 2013

Words of Encouragement

On Wednesday I published my most honest and personal post since I started this blog. I had been working on it for months and was frankly terrified to hit that publish button and share it with the world.

Immediately I knew I had underestimated the world...or more precisely...all of the amazing people in my own world.

The response to that post has brought me to tears, raised my spirits and strengthened my resolve. I am even more confident now that I can do this...

Here is just a small selection of the responses:

awesome! proud of you kel, I'll be there to cheer you on, or maybe even run alongside you. xo

Great post Kelly! And just for the record, I buy the oatmeal for the Raisins & Spice, it's my favourite flavor. Good luck, you can do it!

WOW! I am impressed beyond words by the courage it must have taken to put this out there. I believe in you, you go girl!

I will be reading and cheering you on 100%!! what you just wrote was hard but so inspiring, thank you Kelly!

made me cry hun. You r one beautiful lady. xo

Amazing post Kelly!!!! I love your truth! I have every bit of confidence that you will do yourself proud in your journey!!! Cheering you on in your journey!

One friend shared my post on Facebook with this comment:
A great blog post from a great mom who is facing her struggles head on. Proud of her.

In addition to these written comments I got hugs of encouragement and several offers from people willing to run with me if I needed a push. A few people warned me they were planning to hold me accountable and my neighbour even dropped by just to hug me and say how much she loved my post. 

In short...I was feeling the love. And with all that support as my driving force I have spent the last few days preparing for my 'new life'.

I went back to the gym...where Foursquare kindly reminded me I hadn't been in months. Ouch...

I have been preparing menus and exercise plans and trying out smoothie recipes. I've been sorting through drawers of old exercise gear and creating music playlists to run to.

Saying "my diet starts tomorrow" feels like too much of a instead I will say "tomorrow is day 1 on my new path".

It's going to be a very good Monday indeed. 

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