Monday, April 1, 2013

Baby Steps

Running is hard.

Don't get me wrong I never expected to just lace up my shoes and be able to run a 5K right off the bat.  Well...okay maybe I did a little bit...

But what I never expected was that running for 90 seconds would kick my ass so soundly.

Week 2 of my 5K running program consisted of the following:
     5 minute warmup
     60 second run
     90 second walk
     90 second run
     90 second walk
     (repeat this 5 times)
     5 minute cooldown

Add it all up and it's a total of 36 minutes with just 10 minutes of actual running time. And it was hard.

I struggled through 2 nighttime workouts with the girls and was really looking forward to my first daytime run on Friday.  Lindsay couldn't make it so Jaime and I hit up a local trail around 10am.

Right away this view had me motivated...

But those 90 second runs were hard. I also wasn't used to running in the sun and I was hot and dehydrated by the halfway point. And by the end my knees hurt, my shins ached and I was panting like a dog. But I had done it.

I also knew that I was not ready to move to the next level of the program where I would have to run 3 minute intervals. So I hit my first tough decision of this whole process.

Time to listen to what my body was telling me, understand my limits and remember that sometimes baby steps can get you to a goal too.

So that's what I did today. Jaime and I hit up the same trail and repeated Week 2 Day 1. And I was so glad I did.  There is no way that my body was ready to run any further or any faster.

And when I got home I did this for the first time...

Pretty sure that means I'm part of the runners club now.  Even if I'm only running 90 seconds at a time.

For now...


  1. Good for you, for having the sense to listen to your body. Baby steps...I don't think so! :) xxoxx

  2. Good Work Kelly! Running IS hard, esp on our (dare I say) aging bones. I was just reflecting how I could only run for 1 min a little over a year ago and now I find myself saying "meh...I'll just do a quick 10K today for fun"
    Keep up the hard work!