Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

It has been far too long since I have taken a moment on a Friday to reflect on the week and all the good things that happened.  In fact I haven't done a High Five for Friday post since last September. 

Bad Kelly...

This felt like the perfect week to get back into it because this week had so many things to be thankful for...

#1 - Sunny Friday Mornings
Once a week I try to take my oldest daughter to school.  It means getting to work a little later and then having to work through my lunch or stay a little later but it's totally worth it. I want my daugther to know I am invested in her schooling and I want her teachers to know that as well.  It's a bonus when the morning is sunny and the kids are cooperative enough for us to get there early enough to spend some time on the swings:

#2 - Twin Day...and why my daughter is awesome.
A few weeks ago my oldest came home with a notice saying that April 26 would be Twin Day and the children were encouraged to pair up with a friend and dress the same. She had recently attended a birthday party where all the girls had received the same t-shirt and she told me they would all be wearing that.  But this morning she threw me a curve ball when she came out of her room wearing something completely different.  When I asked she said one of her friends didn't come to the party and had no one to pair up with so she decided to pair up with her instead.  Because "I don't want her to feel left out...that's not nice."  Oh how I love that kid...

#3 - Nanny's Weekly Visit
Every week my mum and grandmother come for dinner. I think its very important to teach my girls how important family is and as Nanny will be turning 90 this year we don't know how much longer we will have her around. This week Nanny gave their girls their birthday present - a doll house.  The girls were over the moon and the smile on Nanny's face when they hugged her and kissed her was priceless.  

#4 - Shutting the Door on Me
I do my runs at night - usually leaving the house right at bedtime - and every time my youngest insists on closing the door behind me. What's she is wearing when she closes the door on me depends on how far into the bedtime routine we are.  This week - on Wednesday - she wished me good luck on my "walk/run" (she can never just call it a run!) - wearing just her underpants and her necklace. cute is she?

#5 - Overcoming Mental Obstacles
When I first downloaded the Ease into 5K app I looked ahead at every week and scared the leaving bejesus out of myself with how hard each week got. Week 3 scared me with its jump to 3 minute runs from the previous week's 90 seconds. But week 4 doubled that again with a jump to 6 MINUTES! Without a gentle push from my running partner I probably would have been content to run week 3 forever...instead I took the plunge and crushed that 6 minute stint. Moving on...

What a week it has been...what were your highlights?

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