Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kiss and Tell

For the past few weeks my blog has been undergoing a bit of a transformation and lost in that shuffle was my favourite weekly linkup.

Looks like I came back to Monday Listicles just in time because this weeks topic is kissing. One of my all time favourite things...and a topic that I have written on before.

For this topic I'm going to break it up a little..just because I can.

5 Momentous Kisses with Hubby:

1. In a hammock for the first time.

2. In the back seat of my car on grad night.

3. On a pier for our engagement photos.

4. In a church on our wedding day.

5. In the delivery room at the hospital...twice.

5 Body Parts I Never Thought I Would Kiss until I had kids:

1. The bottom of a foot.

2. On a closed eyelid

3. The bellybutton
a belly just begging to be kissed!
4. Toes (simply edible)

5. Fresh out of the bath bum cheek (that first part is crucial)

Sigh...isn't kissing the best?

Until next Monday!


  1. Love kissing my babies on their tummies!! Now I don't do that to my 16-year-old and 10-year-old, but the 6-year-old still gets smothered in kisses!

  2. Kissing rocks, specially the oddest places on kids. Great, happy list.