Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My own kind of Superhero

As a working mother I pretty much try to do it all, to be everything to everyone. It will not surprise you to know that I fail (sometimes spectacularly) on a regular basis.

That said...I definitely have my shining moments. Those times where I feel like I can do anything, my super hero moments.

And now - thanks to Monday Listicles - I get to share them all with you.


1. I faced my fear of heights when I crossed a suspension bridge. I wasn't happy to do it...was the most terrifying thing I have ever done...but I did it.

2. I survive morning chaos every day and somehow manage to get to work on time (most days at least.)

3. I can run for 3 minutes and still carry on a conversation.

4. I brought two beautiful baby girls into the world.

5. I can take a blue crayon and yellow crayon and make green. Trust my kids that was a-may-zing.

6. I am the queen of loading the dishwasher.Its Jenga for grownups.

7. I can plan a vacation like nobody's business. With colour coded spreadsheets and everything,

8. Nearly 10,000 people have read something I wrote on this blog. Have of those views may be my mother - but at least a few of them are people I don't know.

9. I have developed a network of amazing female friends over my lifetime. And I love how different my relationships are with each of them

10. When my kids are scared or hurt or tired...I can help make it all better with a cuddle.

So....what's your superpower?

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  1. Congrats on the three minutes! Just started running, wogging (a walk jog) and am working up to not sounding like I am dying.