Monday, May 20, 2013

A day at the beach...

For the past several weekends hubby has been hard at work painting the daycare that our youngest daughter attends. That means we haven't seen much of him and the girls and I were developing a case of withdrawal.

Thank god for long weekends. The extra day meant that he could paint AND spend a full day with us.  And considering he leaves on Wednesday for a week long camping trip...we needed this time with him.

The girls kicked off the day right by sleeping in until 8:30! Unheard of for them...especially on a day off. We talked over breakfast about how we would spend the day.  In the end we unanimously chose "the beach".

So we packed up the car with spare clothes, towels, blankets, snacks, shovels and pails and set off.  Destination: Crescent Beach.

gotta love little sand covered bums...
Daddy dug a deep hole and put her in it...she didn't seem to mind.
everything is a little more dramatic with this one. "Help...I'm stuck in a hole!!!!!"
then it was Daddy's turn

Finally hunger took over and we brushed off (most of) the sand and took a walk in search of sustinence.

After lunch the next logical stop was for ice cream...decisions decisions.

they had no idea they were about to lose some ice cream

At the end of the day we had a bathtub full of sand, exhausted kids and some great new memories. I'm pretty sure that's what long weekends are all about.

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